GXT Global is a blockchain-based platform service company that connects real economy with financial economic platforms to existing blockchain and crypto markets.

Currently, GXT Global offers a variety of platform services that can actually use the GXT token. Users are actually available to used GXT token in offline and online shopping malls owned by GXT Global, and they use GXT on platforms provided by the company and receive a substantial variety of benefits.

In particular, the third round of the construction service is receiving a lot of attention from users. At the auction, users can obtain / win diamonds that are normally inaccessible.


– 4th auction diamond: 3.13ct, F color, SI2

Luxury goods were also sold through Auction, but since the diamond auction of the finest quality is drawing keen attention, GXT Platform is preparing special events with exchanges where GXT tokens are listed.

Since the new attempt to auction diamonds through the crypto can be strange for users, we are taking the method of paying only a small amount of participation fee at GXT in the beginning and winning a random bid whenever you bid the amount you want. Once users are continuously secured in the future, they will switch to the highest-priced bidding method, officials said.

GXT platform provides various platforms other than Auction, and it is expected that it will continue to develop into a token that connects crypto currency and real economy in line with the development of platform services and communities.

Auction participating platform address: http://master.gxtglobal.com

Token purchaseable exchange addresses: