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QORPO Game Studio introduced another alpha release of its highly anticipated free-to-play shooter game. Citizen Conflict brings high-intensity gameplay with ample room for monetizing, with a total $10,000 prize pool for esports tournaments.

What to expect in Citizen Conflict?

  • Unparalleled quality built on Unreal Engine 5.
  • Fast-growing community and esports experience.
  • Sustainable monetization model.
  • Enticing graphics and intense action.
  • Elaborate storyline and distinct heroes.

High-intensity shooter game built to bring esports to Web3

After the overtly successful initial alpha test, QORPO Game Studio caters to its growing player base with another game-ready release of its ambitious F2P shooter Citizen Conflict. With cyberpunk-styled graphics and plenty of distinct heroes, Citizen Conflict draws players into an immersive, futuristic dystopia on Ether Islands.

In the current alpha testing release, players can look forward to five new heroes, each gifted with special abilities, equipped with powerful weapons and plagued with grim backstories. The game dynamics lean on strong teamplay and battle tactics backed by multiple hero classes, each playing an instrumental role on the battlefield. With several new maps, players can count on tons of action and recklessness.

Citizen Conflict doesn’t fall short on storyline, which involves three antagonistic syndicates and unforgiving heroes waging an endless war for dominance. Adding another layer to the game’s immersion, the QORPO team releases monthly chapters of Citizen Conflict’s impressive storyline.

Sustainable and generous economy model

Citizen Conflict is reaching beyond play-to-earn games. QORPO Game Studio embraces a sustainable yet unparalleled approach to game monetization that disrupts conventional P2E models and leans on rewarding players for their skills in sponsored tournaments.

Along with top-tier game quality, the studio introduces a utility-rich and universal multi-purpose token, QORPO, utilized across the entire gaming ecosystem. QORPO Game Studio revolutionizes GameFi, building a robust and user-friendly esports interface.

Going the extra mile, QORPO Game Studio is positive about gathering community feedback, allowing players to vote on essential stages of the game’s development in QORPO ID. In the future, the community can also look forward to organizing its own tournaments with no third party involved and competing for attractive prize pools.

Esports with $10,000 prize pools accessible to all

QORPO Game Studio drives its company tagline, “We democratize esports,” to a whole new level with its rough-landing shooter Citizen Conflict. To deliver the first taste of its mission, the current release of Citizen Conflict comes along with the first rounds of tournaments sponsored by blockchain industry leaders Qtum Foundation, with many more tournaments to come.

With three tournament categories, QORPO Game Studio makes sure to include anyone willing to step in and try their hand at $10,000 worth of competitive action:

  • Community Wars — Citizen Conflict invites anyone up for fulfilling daily tasks and raising their leaderboard rank to compete for a $1,000 prize pool in the Community Wars section.
  • Guild Wars — with its extensive network of gaming partners, QORPO Game Studio welcomes partnered esports teams and Web3 gaming guilds to test their gaming prowess and fight for a $6,000 prize pool.
  • Influencer Wars — gaming influencers, content creators and streamers fight for their lives in the Influencer Wars tournament, powered by a $3,000 prize pool.

Join the fastest-growing game on the blockchain

Backed up by a team of over 90 industry experts and gaming enthusiasts, QORPO Game Studio is building a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem with over 200,000 users and more than 30 pioneering gaming guilds and esports teams already on board.

As a co-founder of the biggest gaming alliance in the UAE, Crypto Oasis Games Guild, QORPO Game Studio is proving its key position as a far-reaching game developer in the blockchain industry, whose dedication to building a robust Web3 ecosystem comes to fruition with its inclusion into Cointelegraph’s Accelerator program.

With QORPO’s flagship shooter game Citizen Conflict accessible to the public, players have an excellent opportunity to try the next-gen gaming experience that’s tailored for both Web2 and Web3 users. Citizen Conflict already reaps excellent results as the fastest-growing game by player base, according to the GameFi 2023 report.

Ready to compete in the Citizen Conflict tournaments?

Embrace the challenge and emerge victorious in the thrilling Citizen Conflict tournaments. Become a part of the QORPO Game Studio ecosystem today and enjoy tons of fun powered by ample prizes.

Get your QORPO ID effortlessly in just a few clicks. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to embody the hero and confront the turbulent society of Ether Islands. Are you prepared to immerse yourself in an abundance of entertainment while competing for exciting rewards? Secure your place now.

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