Wono.io is the first freelance exchange to introduce its own cryptocurrency, developing a new freelance industry (freelance 2.0).

Wono is a fast-growing community of freelancers and employers all over the world.

The idea of freelance 2.0

Cryptocurrency and smart contracts will transform the freelance industry and create a new comfortable online environment for both freelancers and employers.

For example, smart contracts are one of the possible ways to avoid scamming in freelancing. They are activated when the pre-set conditions are met. The money automatically goes to the freelancer when the job is done, and the employer accepts it. Besides, cryptocurrency helps to avoid delays related to bank transfers, red tape and high taxes. That’s why 38% of United States freelancers are getting paid in crypto. Half of them have confessed they would prefer to accept payments in crypto regularly.

Token sale and prospects

Tokens can be bought on the official site or MDEX. Information about the token and the roadmap can be found at crypto.wono.io.

The team plans to further develop the token in American and Asian markets and the immediate goal is to list the token on Huobi.

WONO token & development

This coin will be used for staking, exchange and fees payment. No other freelance exchange has a coin with which freelancers can earn additional streams of income beyond that covered by the contract.
The Wono token has already been listed on the MDEX exchange. Token users may hold coins and then sell them, or exchange them for other crypto. Over time, the Wono team plans to develop token functionality, making it a full-fledged digital asset like any cryptocurrency.

NFT certificates 

Wono also has nonfungible token (NFT) certificates. These are unique digital certificates stored in the blockchain that guarantee each item's originality and gives exclusive rights to its owner.

How does it work in freelance 2.0? Some "freelancers" upload fake certificates in their portfolios, making customers believe they are competent specialists. These documents may belong to another person or may have been altered to make scammers look trustworthy. With the NFT certificates, these items will be stored in the blockchain system, confirming their originality and proving the competency of a freelancer who, in turn, gets the unique blockchain address. 

Transforming freelance 1.0 into freelance 2.0

Here are some stats to understand the perspectives of the Wono project.

In 2019, the number of people working remotely or freelancing increased by 36% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, out of 5.5 billion working people in the world, 1.6 billion are freelancers. The freelance trend is expected to grow. For instance, 46% of the US workforce plan to go freelance in 2022.
The freelance industry goes global. By 2030, the Internet will be available in 92% of places in different countries of the world, which makes it possible for a lot of people to work online.

However, freelancing has many problems: 

  1. Scam. A freelancer may take the pre-payment and disappear. Or, an employer may accept the work without paying a freelancer. 
  2. Fees. Freelancers have to pay subscription fees and promote their profiles to get projects. Employers have to pay for their project to be placed at the top of the feed. 
  3. Delays. Freelancers and employers may be from different countries. For a financial transaction, they would need a bank transfer or a money transfer service. Thus, there may be extra banking fees and delays.

So, how will Wono token change the whole freelance industry, creating freelance 2.0? 

With Wono tokens based on smart contracts, freelancers and employers will have a safe working environment. Freelance 2.0 has several advantages, establishing a new way of working online.

More income, fewer fees 

Freelancers will use Wono tokens to pay for subscription fees and other platform services. Thus, they save more on their income. Plus, they can stake coins to earn even more.


The Wono project will develop together with the freelance industry, transforming it into freelance 2.0. So, freelancers will get honest payments for their job, save on fees and stake coins to earn even more. And employers will be confident of the whole working process, not fearing to lose their time and money.

The Wono token is a long-term investment. The token price will go higher with the project development and with the evolution of the freelance industry as a whole.


So, that's how freelance 2.0 works. It's the industry of the future, enabled by blockchain and cryptocurrency, providing a safe and convenient environment for both freelancers and employers. Wono is the pioneer of the new industry, opening great perspectives for working online. 

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