Freemoon, a deflationary token protocol ecosystem, has announced the development of its smart contract, which has been deployed on Ethereum via the ERC-20 standard and Binance Smart Chain via BEP-20. The smart contract, which is fused into the Freemoon economic system, is designed to automatically distribute finances among participants in the Freemoon finance ecosystem. Over time, the Freemoon coin will increase in price by 1000 times the profit.

Built on a smart contract that's deployed in two blockchains, the Freemoon ecosystem is controlled by an automatic protocol. From each transaction, 5% is allocated to the capitalization of the coin, which is distributed among the coin holders and 5% is added to the automatic liquidity pool (frozen for four years). This provides a guarantee against spikes in volatility with a sharp sale of coins, thereby facilitating a stable passive income. 

Currently, the Freemoon coin is listed on top crypto decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

Freemoon financial ecosystem

A recent study revealed that the global crypto market cap tripled in 2021 and hit a staggering $2.43 trillion. Statistically, this shows the world that crypto trading is gaining a lot of traction rapidly. 

The Freemoon financial system is providing seamless participation in the world of cryptocurrency trading with automatic profit distribution among Freemoon coin holders. What's more, the automatic distributions operate on Freemoon's artificial intelligence and are integrated into the global financial digital blockchain system.

Freemoon finance ecosystem will be running a five-week coin swap from September 2021 to October 2021. One quadrillion Freemoon coins will be issued on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. During the swap, 50% of the coins will be burned. At the end of each week, 10% of the coins (100 trillion) will be burned. Every week the effect increases since they burn 100 from 1000, the next week 100 from 900, 100 from 800 and so on, thereby artificially increasing the price jump. This means that for five weeks, Freemoon will grow interest in the coin and artificially reduce its quantity.

The Freemoon ecosystem will create an extensive advertising network and fascinating bonuses in the form of airdrops for completing tasks. Airdrops will be distributed in the last week of the swap to ensure the continuous growth of the project.

In a big leap to blockchain ingenuity, Freemoon is developing its trading bot with specialists in trading. To ensure a profitable trading process, it employs a particular strategy and according to this strategy, the bot earns a little, but steadily, while also studying the market, thanks to artificial intelligence. The coins are mainly traded in pairs with other coins.

At the same time, Freemoon is developing its swap and decentralized exchange. After the five-week coin swap and receiving a certain pool of liquidity, Freemoon will be listed on decentralized exchanges like BitMart,, WhiteBit and more. Thirty days after listing, they will launch the Freemoon Swap, exchange and the trading bot AI. 

Profits from Freemoon products automatically go to the total capitalization of the coin and all transactions are made completely transparent. Twenty percent of the profits of the exchange, bot and swap will be sent automatically to the capitalization of the coin + smart contract from each transaction, the commission + 5% to the liquidity pool, and + 5% to the capitalization.

After the launch of the swap, the bot and exchange, the Freemoon dev team will redeem their coins at market price. This way, they support the demand and the high cost of the coin. The founders of the Freemoon ecosystem offer a 100% coin swap. Fifty percent will be allocated for marketing, and 50% for developing a decentralized exchange, swap, trading bot AI. With the Freemoon smart contract, there's no wallet restriction on the purchase of a coin.

About Freemoon

Freemoon is a deflationary token with automatic distribution of the liquidity pool and capitalization of the Freemoon ecosystem. Its smart contract automatically distributes finances among participants in the Freemoon ecosystem. Over time, the coin will only grow in price by 1000x the profit.

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