It is hard to imagine all that the new era of digital has to offer. Yet, one NFT project seems to have set it as its goal to give us a decent grasp of it. Interacting with others, attending conferences and concerts, and buying properties, is all becoming a second reality to millions of people in a completely virtual but equally substantial world as that of the ground you are standing on. How about combining business and pleasure at one exclusive Metaverse destination - growing your business, earning money and enjoying unique experiences as if on a remote vacation? We found it!

Any time now, we are expecting the Secret Island Club to mint their NFTs. The first ever chain of NFT hotels that will be open exclusively for their holders is promising us a world of wonder - a community open to fresh ideas with an acclaimed business support for new NFT projects that at all times seeks unforgettable memories. Why? Because behind the project there is a bullet-proof team led by two self-made entrepreneurs.

“If you want to make it in the NFT world, this is the place for you. Our journey has just made us more convinced of our purpose. There are numerous entrepreneurs and investors out there who are willing to make a first step but do not know how. We are building a community where collaboration is a top priority. Next to having fun, of course” - Marko, co-founder of SIC, and founder and CEO of Pebble Digital, told us. 

The Secret Island Club emerged as an idea six years ago. The two founders with a group of friends started to rent houses in Silicon valley to work on new ideas while living together. Over time almost 300 people went through those houses including startups founders, crypto enthusiasts, and investors. As a result, ventures have been made with market cap over hundreds of millions of dollars including dobjoy, poviolabs, fillrougecap, and others.

As the story goes Flavio, their NFT character, is a unique species of birds bored by nature. In order not to die from it, they adapted to bothering others with their lame jokes. But not anywhere, their natural habitats are luxury hotels, only those part of the SIC chain. To secure Flavio’s survival, SIC will have to keep them and their owners on the tip of their toes, always expecting the unexpected.

"It is not just a vision anymore, it is a project well under way. The ultimate getaway experience for our holders. We started ambitiously and we are working hard to come through on it" - said Sandro, cofounder and the lead investor of SIC, also a recognized angel investor in FeelGood Capital, 57 Hours, String and SIC.

The first step in their roadmap is to purchase land in different Metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, Otherdeed for Otherside, and Minecraft to create the first exclusive NFT hotel chain in the Metaverse. Soon after, we can expect constructions to take place and make history. During hotel development, SIC will open its staff vacancies for all of its Discord members. 

Meanwhile, SIC holders will have the opportunity to enjoy the demo version of the first play-to-earn SIC game. For those not impressed by games in the Metaverse, invitations to real-life exclusive parties should do the trick. Impressive scenery, luxury accommodation, and exceptional cuisine are the defining pillars of their hotel and resort partners around the world. Besides must-attend events, the partners will offer an array of exclusive benefits for the SIC holders.

A crucial step in the roadmap is for the SIC community itself to become one of the first NFT funds in the world to support and invest in new projects right after the opening of its hotel chain in the Metaverse. Next to it, there is already a list of expert partners standing behind the Secret Island Club. With their help, SIC will become a true know-how hub for NFT enthusiasts.

Each hotel will comprise a unique set of experiences. There will be specialized floors for sharing knowledge, lobbies for socializing, conference rooms for panels, and numerous other activities. And there is no end stage. The team behind the Secret Island Club will keep on bringing new utilities to the table inspired by their online community. So if you have not yet, check out their Instagram, Twitter and Discord and let your NFT imagination run wild!