• Froyo Games launched the initial farm offering (IFO) for its utility token on Jan. 18, 2022 on PancakeSwap, with total proceeds reaching $4 million.
  • During the farming stage prior to launch, a total committed amount of $488 million was committed by the community to farm Froyo Token (FROYO).
  • Froyo Games also launched simultaneously on GameFi Launchpad, the largest blockchain gaming launchpad.
  • FROYO is available for stake farming via PancakeSwap’s Syrup Pool.

Jan. 20, 2022 — Froyo Games, a gamified finance (GameFi) infrastructure platform backed by experienced game makers, has successfully launched its utility token, FROYO, on the PancakeSwap platform. 

A total of $4 million worth of FROYO was distributed to the PancakeSwap community, who staked CAKE tokens to farm FROYO tokens during a one-hour launching process. However, the total value of committed CAKE far exceeded its target, reaching a remarkable $488 million at the end of the sale period. This was one of the largest farming exercises for a new token ever seen by the PancakeSwap community. 

Froyo Games also conducted a parallel launch on GameFi Launchpad, the largest gamified finance launchpad. All 4.85 million FROYO allocated for this launch was

successfully swapped by GAFI tokenholders. GameFi Launchpad is the largest blockchain gaming launchpad and has launched numerous successful gaming- and metaverse-related tokens. 

Prior to the launch, Froyo Games had received overwhelming support from the PancakeSwap user community, garnering more than 15.27 million votes, which represented 98.7% of the total votes for the IFO. 

FROYO is now available to swap on the PancakeSwap platform, and CAKE holders can now also stake their CAKE in the PancakeSwap Syrup Pool to earn FROYO tokens. 

About Froyo Games 

Froyo Games is a gaming infrastructure platform that supports nonfungible token (NFT) and metaverse gaming through its various verticals. The highly anticipated blockchain gaming platform completed a strategic funding round led by leading institutional investors, including Animoca Brands, and other investors that include Spartan Group, GBV Capital, BTC12 Capital, Mirana Ventures, Avocado Guild, Hooga Gaming, Genblock Capital, Icetea Labs, GameFi, Bigcoin Capital, Gate Labs, Newman Capital and Koi Capital. 

The platform also has partnerships with various organizations, including iCandy Interactive, Lemon Sky Studios, Mao DAO and Good Games Guild. 

Froyo Games’ native utility token, Froyo Token (FROYO), is the lifeblood of Froyo Games, allowing users to purchase in-game items, farm for NFT rewards and participate in innovative play-to-earn and free-to-play open metaverse gaming features. 

At its heart, Froyo Games is built around a “power to the players” belief. It is an infrastructure for metaverse gaming and is being developed by true game makers, who have multiple decades of experience and a track record of making hit games. 

FROYO is currently available on PancakeSwap.

To learn more about Froyo Games 

Website: https://froyo.games

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realfroyogames

Telegram: https://t.me/froyogames

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