In addition to their availability on the Gala Launcher, Spider Tanks and Town Star will soon be accessible through the Elixir Games launcher.

Gala Games, an industry leader in Web3 gaming, has announced its partnership with Elixir Games, a premier platform in Web3 gaming distribution. This partnership will allow Elixir users to access several Gala Games titles through their gaming platform in the near future.

As part of this partnership, Elixir will host weekly gaming nights with exclusive prizes and special guests from the Elixir Partner program. This will allow content creators and streamers to engage with other players on the platform and the Elixir community to enjoy games previously only offered on the Gala Games launcher.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Gala Games and introduce its incredible gaming experiences to our platform,” remarked Carlos Roldan, founder and CEO at Elixir Games. “Our goal is to provide players with the best gaming content and community engagement, and this partnership allows us to deliver on that promise. We look forward to starting this initiative with Town Star and Spider Tanks, and working with Gala [Games] to expand its gaming catalog with the Elixir Games launcher.”

Spider Tanks is a PvP brawler where players customize their tank using a wide variety of NFT parts and battle in high-octane 3v3 mayhem. Players can enjoy multiple game modes, and can easily lend or borrow a tank from another player to get in the arena. Town Star is a town-building and farming simulation game that offers a rich building experience. Players can casually build their town, or they can rapidly develop a booming metropolis to compete with other players across the world.

Beyond game releases and game nights, Elixir Games will also host a dedicated node as part of this long-term partnership. By contributing to the Gala Games network, Elixir Games aims to strengthen the infrastructure and decentralization of the gaming ecosystem, which will foster a more secure and sustainable environment for players.

“Elixir and Gala Games both envision a better future for gaming and better experiences for gamers,” said Jason Brink, president of blockchain at Gala Games. “With this partnership, we can both drive further toward making that a reality for more players all over the world.”

About Elixir Games

Elixir Games is a tech company incorporated in the United States with a distributed team across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Sinvce its foundation in 2018, Elixir Games has remained at the forefront of blockchain-related game distribution. Currently, it features the most functional and content-rich distribution platform, Elixir, which offers nearly 120 partnered PC games, and full Web2 and Web3 integration for making thousands of games readily accessible to users. Elixir Games also holds the IP of two exclusive Web3 PC and mobile games, No Way Back and Tinies, both of which are nearing their beta release. More information on Elixir Games can be found on its website.

About Gala Games

Gala Games is building the largest decentralized network of gamers in the world. Using Web3 technology, and powered by a wealth of experience and expertise from professional gaming, Gala Games aims to empower players through asset ownership, sustainable economies and unprecedented AAA-gaming experiences. Learn more about the Gala Games ecosystem on its website.

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