Richmond, Virginia — Galaxy Heroes, a superhero-based gaming and nonfungible token (NFT) protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, has launched the Galaxy Heroes Coin’s NFT marketplace, which provides access for everyone who wants to mint and sell their NFTs. 

Brian Sumner, founder and CEO of Galaxy Heroes, said, “Over 100 Heroes from the collection were listed within a few days of the Marketplace’s launching, ranging between 1–100 BNB. Just days after the NFT marketplace launched, the second GHC collection of villains was released, selling out the 2,500 mint collection in less than an hour. The Galaxy Heroes Coin marketplace is now filled with almost 350 epic heroes and villains.”

Galaxy Heroes is a utility-centric project that includes farm staking, NFTs, an NFT marketplace, play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, GameFi and soon, a metaverse. The first launch of Galaxy Heroes NFTs offered 2,500 randomly generated superheroes, followed by collections of 2,500 villain NFTs, both comprising common, rare and ultra-rare NFTs. Users can obtain these unique NFT collections by participating in auctions at the Galaxy NFT marketplace. Holders can stake their Galaxy Heroes NFTs or Villain NFTs and get heroically rewarded with all listings and transaction fees in the Binance Coin (BNB) passive income market. The reward potential for staking GHC NFTs will vary based on the scarcity of the NFTs staked, with ultra-rares generating the highest reward outcomes. 

To provide a more user-friendly experience, the development team has improved the functionality of its marketplace. Users can now view aesthetics and attribute details without having to begin in a new page list of NFTs. Instead, they can continue to browse from where they had stopped. 

The marketplace also has a filter system with several options to enable anyone to search for NFTs more directly. When it comes to price, users have two options: high-low or low-high, with an additional filter for a minimum or maximum price in BNB. Plus, users are allowed to search for NFTs currently being bid on, thus ensuring that any current live auctions aren’t missed.

A significant upgrade is the listing cost for users to list their NFTs on the marketplace. Initially set at 0.1 BNB, the team cut down the listing fee to 0.01 BNB. This way, there’s an increased number of NFTs being listed in the marketplace. Aside from the listing fee, there is a 2% selling fee upon the completion of a sale on the Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces where the listing and/or selling fees go directly to the developers, they are instead used to reward the GHC community, specifically the buyers and collectors of GHC NFTs. 

The native token, Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC), is a community-driven Binance blockchain token with unique superheroes and galaxy NFTs. GHC utilizes the Binance Smart Chain due to its low transaction fees. This makes it possible for users to execute trades at low rates. 

The GHC token is listed on more than 25 leading centralized exchanges (CEX) such as MEXC Global, Hotbit, BitMart, BKEX and so on. More so, the token is a smart contract code that is audited by CertiK and has over 50,000 holders. In the near future, GHC will be listed on other CEXs, such as Binance, KuCoin,, Huobi and among others.

Users can stake GHC and farm tokens in different pools with high annual percentage sates. Holders can choose single- or dual-token staking to farm the Galaxy Heroes Earn (GHE) token. In addition, the seasoned team recently developed a player-versus-player (PVP)- and player-versus-environment (PVE)-based NFT play-to-earn game (Galaxy Heroes X) to add to the Galaxy Hero arsenal. The GHE will be utilized as the in-game NFT currency. The token can also be sold or traded via the GHC exchange and earned by staking GHC for GHE. It can equally be earned through both PVE and PVP Galaxy play-to-earn game modes.

In total, there will be 5,000 Hero and Villain avatars to purchase from the first metaverse (The Sandbox) marketplace. With one of the NFTs, one will be able to participate in multiple quests on the nine parcels of land to win prizes, such as GHC, BNB and Ether (ETH). Moving forward, other artists will be able to sell their NFTs through the marketplace as well for a low fee. 


  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • 9% Buy/Sell 
  • 3% Liquidity
  • 2% Marketing Wallet
  • 2% Buyback Wallet
  • 2% Developer wallet

About Galaxy Heroes

Galaxy Heroes is a utility-centric project built on Binance Smart Chain and includes farm staking, NFTs, an NFT marketplace, P2E gaming, GameFi and, soon, a metaverse. 

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