The California-based iGaming — i.e., online gaming — and blockchain studio Gamavrs is launching a week-long Vegas Battle Royale contest for its “Poker Heroes” nonfungible token (NFT) collection with music icon Steve Aoki and notorious Las Vegas nightclub Omnia.


Starting today, NFT holders have five days to collect as many points as possible for a chance to spend an unforgettable night worth more than $15,000 at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas that includes a meet-and-greet with Aoki himself.

Here’s how Vegas Battle Royale works:

  • Anyone 21 years or older can participate worldwide.

  • Owning a Poker Heroes NFT and completing various missions maximizes points accrued.

  • Tag @gamavrs on Twitter and tweet “Entering the #VegasBattleRoyale.” The team will collect the points from all participants and draw the final winner.

“Gamavrs is a blockchain iGaming studio, so we wanted to launch a contest that is gamified, fun and fair. Each Vegas Battle Royale mission provides a different amount of points to players and the more points you can collect, the higher your chances of winning the grand prize,” said Meysam Moradpour, general manager of the Innovation Lab at A5 Labs, the parent company of Gamavrs.

The contest has different Vegas Battle Royale points multipliers:

Existing NFT holders:

  • Each NFT holder starts with a balance of 200 points per Poker Hero NFT they own.

Social media participation:

  • Participants get 5 points each for following @gamavrs on Twitter, Instagram or Discord.

  • They get 5 points each for tagging friends on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

  • They get 10 points each for tagging @gamavrs on Twitter, Instagram or Discord and pointing “Joining the #VegasBattleRoyale.”

  • They get 20 points each if their friends reshare their “Joining the #VegasBattleRoyale” posts on Twitter, Instagram or Discord.

New NFT buyers:

  • Participants get 200 points per avatar by minting a Poker Hero NFT at a maximum of three per wallet during the next pre-mint on Thursday, May 12, for 0.05 Ether (ETH) on

  • They get 400 points per avatar by buying a Poker Hero NFT on OpenSea.

After five days, Gamavrs will collect the points from all participants and draw a lucky winner. The more points collected during the Vegas Battle Royale contest, the higher the chances of winning the contest during the weighted draw. Example: someone that has 1,000 points has a 10% chance of winning versus someone with 100 points that has a 1% chance.

Grand prize details:

  • The winner will spend an unforgettable night at Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas with up to five friends. The date will be shared on Aoki’s Omnia residence schedule.

  • They will receive Omnia bottle service for up to six people worth a total of $10,000.

  • Their travel expenses — i.e., flight and hotel costs — will be covered at a total of $5,000.

Contest rules:

  • The Vegas Battle Royale starts Wednesday, May 11, at 1 pm UTC and ends on Monday, May 16, at 1 pm UTC.

  • Gamavrs uses automated software to collect and add all the points from social media interactions for a fair and transparent draw.

  • Gamavrs will use a user’s public crypto wallet address to verify their NFT mints and purchases.

About Gamavrs

Gamavrs is a California-based blockchain studio focusing on merging iGaming with Web3. It works with leading iGaming companies to enhance players’ experiences through in-game NFT and blockchain integrations and decentralized loyalty programs. Its parent company, A5 Labs, is an AI-driven technology provider for gaming platforms in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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