The Dragon Crypto Gaming (DCG) initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) of Dragon Crypto Argenti (DCAR), a utility token for its expanding GameFi ecosystem, will be open for registration on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, with the IDO taking place on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. DCG has partnered with Avalaunch, the leading platform for decentralized fundraising on Avalanche. Following the token release, The Legend of Aurum Draconis, an action-adventure role-playing game (RPG), will go live on the Avalanche Contract-chain (C-chain) blockchain soon after.

Founded by a team of experienced and passionate software developers and gamers, Dragon Crypto Gaming is building an evolving digital universe that combines engaging gameplay with play-and-earn (PaE) mechanics, user ownership and sustainable economics. DCG’s game offerings are established on a dual-token economy featuring two native tokens: Dragon Crypto Aurum (DCAU) and DCAR. Both tokens have major utility in all DCG game offerings. 

From the outset, DCAR will drive the economics of crafting and land-ownership in The Legend of Aurum Draconis. Players can also stake DCAR to earn a share of platform revenues. Its future utility includes being the native gas token for DCG’s future Avalanche subnet.

The Legend of Aurum Draconis is, at its core, an old-school fantasy RPG. The game combines the best from traditional off-chain gaming with the economic incentives made possible through decentralized finance (DeFi). No expense was spared in developing a full-fledged RPG experience, with an exciting, story-driven questline, strategic turn-based battling, resource gathering, crafting and character-skills development and customization. Through the game’s token economy, players will share the economic benefits of the game in the form of nonfungible token (NFT) items and token rewards. Players will be able to craft, equip, repair, buy and sell thousands of unique NFT items through the in-game marketplace. 

“As gamers at heart, our team’s main goal is to offer a fun and fulfilling gaming experience on the blockchain. DCG pushes the boundaries of PaE gaming by leveraging the global reach and limitless potential of DeFi and truly enjoyable gameplay,” said Daniel Zandberg, head of creative content.

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About Dragon Crypto Gaming

Founded in August 2021, Dragon Crypto Gaming is at the forefront of blockchain gaming and is committed to building a GameFi ecosystem that combines the best of off-chain gaming with blockchain decentralization. The team launched a highly successful NFT collection — “Tiny Dragons” — that was minted and sold out within minutes of launching. This was soon followed with Tiny Dragons Arena, a casual player-vs-player mini-game based on the same theme, with over a thousand on-chain matches having taken place as of July 2022. Dragon Crypto Gaming is backed by some of the most reputable Avalanche ecosystem participants, including the Blizzard Avalanche Ecosystem Fund, Muhabbit Capital, Aventures DAO and Keychain Capital. | @DCGgamefi | Discord Channel | YouTube Channel