UpOnly has just announced that it has rolled its way into a partnership with industry-leading and premier launchpads platforms including Synapse, Oxbull and MoonStarter. The strategic partnership will bring the project’s widely anticipated and landmark initial DEX offering (IDO) launch to life. Oxbull will host one of the IDOs for UpOnly and also provide solid support to the rapidly growing and promising blockchain project.

The partnership is a notable milestone in UpOnly’s journey to becoming a significant project among the major players in play-to-earn (P2E) in the gaming industry. The upcoming IDO on the aforementioned launchpads will provide the opportunity for a wide range of crypto enthusiasts and angels, as well as a broader community to invest in the future of the project

Oxbull will be hosting this IDO because of its impressive track record of handling successful token offerings that will not only benefit the projects but also yield incredible value to investors.

Aside from conducting an exceptional IDO for UpOnly (UPO), the launchpads will assist the project in providing strategic guidance around growth, marketing and community building, and utilize its extensive reach in the crypto industry and a plethora of gaming communities to drive massive exposure to UpOnly. They will also help the project with the deployment of core infrastructure that will make the entire offering process a success.

An amazing data resource for blockchain gamers and spectators

The concept of P2E in the gaming sphere is rapidly becoming commonplace in the blockchain ecosystem and is on the threshold of mainstream adoption. The industry has experienced heightened interest from gamers across the globe in the last few years. The number of game buffs and investors developing into the space has grown from a few thousand to several millions. It is safe to say this exponential growth can be attributed to developers and gamers.

Novel projects like UpOnly are realizing the massive potential that blockchain unlocks for gaming and exploring the prospects of the sector. UpOnly is building the first P2E data directory in the blockchain and gaming industry. The emerging platform is dedicated to establishing an amazing data resource for blockchain gamers and spectators.

The project seeks to gather and compile comprehensive data on P2E games and grow its platform into the industry’s go-to resource for blockchain gamers just like what top-tier platforms such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko accomplished for the broader crypto economy. The UpOnly data directory will be fostered by a unique centralized database framework and will employ query solutions such as The Graph to retrieve real-time data from listed blockchain games.

UpOnly is geared toward providing insightful, actionable and uncompromised data on all existing P2E gaming platforms. As a user on the platform, you can view data such as the number of gamers, trading volume for in-game assets, upcoming events in the space, price sizes, odds of winning prize pools, ease of entry and so much more.

Players can also utilize the wealth of information UpOnly gives to identify the best games with the most lucrative in-game rewards and entertaining gameplay.

In addition to its top-level data directory for blockchain games, UpOnly is working toward establishing a new decentralized infrastructure that will enable spectators to predict and bet on the possible outcomes of P2E games.

Overall, UpOnly is working its way toward becoming a leading-edge P2E data and prediction platform in the P2E sphere. The IDO with Oxbull will spearhead other milestones that will bolster the further development of UpOnly.

About UpOnly

UpOnly is building a premier data directory for play-to-earn gaming and metaverse projects with a predictions platform that will unlock lucrative earning opportunities for play-to-earn gaming spectators. UpOnly is delighted to announce the conclusion of its early-stage funding rounds with participation from high-profile venture capital funds and partners who will contribute immensely to the project’s success.

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