UpLift is thrilled to announce its partnership with Ikigai Ventures — an early-stage venture capital fund investing in startups across multiple sectors. Backed by a team of industry insiders, the enterprise unlocks the growth potential of startups scaling in Blockchain, Esports, Fintech and IGaming.

“We are excited to be working with Uplift and their active community,” Eman Pulis, a founding managing partner of Ikigai Ventures, said, “The startups we will invest in are in for a treat.”

With numerous long-standing partnerships in GameDev, Ikigai Ventures opens a window of opportunity to bolster the influx of potential project partners pioneering the booming GameFi industry, which opens numerous exciting prospects for UpLift DAO.

“We've known the founding partner of Ikigai Ventures for quite a long time. He is  very influential in the gaming industry and we are excited to strike a partnership deal with him. Their project will receive full support and dedication from our community,” Alex Melnichuk, the technical lead of UpLift, stated.

To ensure an even closer collaboration, Irina Heaver, a council member of UpLift’s DAO, has joined Ikigai Ventures to facilitate the investments into the gaming industry and their transition into the new era of gamification. 

“We are witnessing how the gaming industry is leveraging blockchain technology to take them to the next level. Right now, the gamers are spending money on games. By incorporating “play-to-earn” and GameFi opportunities, those gamers can earn. This will create huge new economies and we are very excited to be supporting this right now,” says Irina Heaver, council member of UpLift DAO. The collaboration will greatly benefit the projects incubated on UpLift’s platform, providing solid financial support as well as networking opportunities not to be missed.

Ikigai Ventures will promote UpLift IDO to its audiences, encouraging the public to participate in open rounds. An endorsement by a reputable venture fund will undoubtedly bring greater market exposure and partnership prospects for UpLift. 

About UpLift

UpLift is a launchpad, which, backed by the LIFT utility token, is positioned to become a leading platform for disruptive projects and retail investors to come together. 

Holders staking the LIFT token are growing fast, ready to participate in the pre- and post-launch success of major projects. The UpLift community has set a goal to become the first launchpad with one million active participants and to raise $1B for future projects.

Staking LIFT tokens provides yields from each project we support, gives you an allocation of the lowest price pre-sale round of each project and governance voting rights in the DAO and offers a lucrative booster program based on the amount and length of staking as well as for referring other stakers to the platform.

LIFT tokenomics has a burn mechanism for each project to be launched and an aggressive roadmap for marketing and growing its platform and token.

UpLift IDOs drive the community incentives to kick-start the most innovative ventures by purchasing project tokens at the seed stage. UpLift contributors gain access to the most disruptive, fully vetted projects with proven teams, a well-defined strategic roadmap and a robust business model. 

The UpLift team, council members and community jointly adopt a three-step approach with each project: incubate the pre-launch momentum, facilitate the official launch and accelerate the post-launch growth. 

Opening up prospects for long-term gains, the UpLift platform provides the possibility to become fully immersed in the project life-cycle — from its inception until the highest-level goals are achieved. The UpLift community has set out to foster sustainable growth of the projects incubated on the platform and seek long-term investment opportunities. 

Opening wider windows of interaction for retail investors, project teams and community, UpLift represents a next-gen investment vehicle taking the DeFi market by the storm.