Genopets is proud to announce the debut of their limited-edition Genesis Genopet sale using the fair launch protocol to provide candid access for the community and early Genopets adopters. 

Monday, November 29th, 2021, at 13:00:00 UTC, Genopets will release 3,333 pre-evolved, Stage 4 Genesis Genopets to the public using the Metaplex fair launch protocol. 

Last month, Genopets air-dropped 1000 Genopet Egg NFTs to the earliest supporters in their community. Since then, they’ve been trending upward rapidly on Solanart and Currently, floor Genopet Eggs are listed at around 22 SOL. Genopet Eggs are tickets to the Genesis Genopet whitelist, and all holders are guaranteed the opportunity to mint the Genesis Genopets. To ensure Genopet NFTs will be accessible to Genovians and holders of GENE Token, Genopets will be pricing the sale and all future sales in GENE.

Genesis Genopet NFTs

A Genopet is a generative NFT digital spirit animal that players imbue with their personality to bring to life. Players can customize, upgrade, and evolve their Genopet by living an active lifestyle and translating physical activity into in-game utility. When the game launches, players will be able to mint an infant Genopet for free. Over time, they can increase its rarity and value by investing time and effort in-game to augment their Genopet’s Genotype, battle performance, and physical appearance. 

All 3,333 Genesis Genopet NFTs are pre-evolved Stage 4 Genopets that bear a distinct genesis marking, solidifying their first edition status even as other players evolve their pet to and beyond this level. Genesis Genopets are playable in-game like all other Genopets. However, players will have the advantage of starting with limited-edition characteristics as well rare augmentations that other players will have to earn, giving them a head-start in the game. 

*Graphic of Genopet Example* 

Designing procedurally generated modular art

Designing Genopet NFTs—the centerpiece of the game—requires mastery of both technical and artistic abilities. Genopets are not just random predetermined JPEGs but procedurally constructed 3D models generated on the fly as you mint, so they must be modular and have interchangeable components while still being aesthetically desirable in any given permutation. Their aesthetic, modular system is composed of anatomical parts, consisting of twelve interchangeable components that players can combine to create an astronomical amount of unique Genopets. As players’ levels, skill sets, and visual preferences come together, the number of unique Genopet combinations is endless.

The sheer volume of work required to scale, deliver, and execute the process of creating a unique creature with 12 different body parts for every player and over 77 levels and 12 stages of evolution is not a simple feat.

“The Genopets team has meticulously created an anatomical design system that allows for a massive range of permutations so that each Genopet can be unique to each player,” said 

Benjamin Tse, CPO and Co-Founder of Genopets, “Genopets are designed to be completely modular and are procedurally generated and upgraded to evolve as players interact with the game, essentially allowing users to become virtual sculptors of their own spirit animal.”

The minting process

Although it’s common for genesis NFT sales to have a set price, to ensure that bots and flippers do not upstage the early Genopets adopters, the mint will use Metaplex’s Fair Launch Protocol. Moreover, in the deliberation of our player-controlled market model, the community will set the minting price. The Genopets team is grateful for contributing to Metaplex and is excited to see more Fair Launch sales in the Solana ecosystem.

In order to align their Genesis Genopet mint with the game’s narrative, Genopets has designed a fully immersive minting experience that builds excitement and anticipation for players summoning their Genopet for the first time. To bring a Genopet to life, players must answer a series of thought-provoking  questions which imbue their personality unto their digital familiar. This system makes for a smooth, spaced-out minting process that will ensure a great user experience as people are not racing to hit the “buy” button but instead taking their time to enjoy and savor the surprise of the mint. Click here to check out an early low-fidelity demo of their minting experience. 

Minting with GENE token

As part of Genopet’s Dual Token System, Gene Token is a governance token that represents the value of the Genopets game as a whole. In addition, players will use GENE Token in-game to craft Refined Crystals, Habitats, and other in-game NFTs. Players who hold GENE Token are essentially stakeholders in Genopets (a.k.a. Geneholders). And as Geneholders, players will get access to exclusive peaks at new content, voting rights towards the game design, and community privileges. Furthermore, by becoming a Geneholder, players earn a position among the Genoverse’s covert secret society—The Equilibrium. 

Joining a community for a genesis drop is a major moment. And although there are only 3,333 Genesis Genopets that will be available for the first drop, they want to make sure that everyone gets to walk away with a piece of the Genoverse. So, even if a player isn’t able to mint a Genesis Genopet, the team will be air-dropping consolation NFTs to those who show their loyalty and support on this pivotal day for Genopets—because that’s what community is all about—supporting one another.  

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Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates and join the conversation on our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

About Genopets

Genopets is the first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT game that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle. Built on Solana, Genopets integrates your daily activity in real life with blockchain Play-to-Earn economics so you can turn your real-life actions into expansive gameplay and earn crypto while doing it. 

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