Given the loss of user trust over centralized social media platforms such as Facebook, the market has shown it is ready for a disruptive social media application that protects users’ data and rewards those users for their participation. 

Leveraging innovations in the blockchain payments industry, Ghost Talk uses a decentralized payments platform to reward users of its social media messaging application using our own Smart Coin token, Smart Wallet, and Smart Contracts. 

Market research indicates that the mobile advertising industry will reach 212B USD by 2021 with Asia Pacific (APAC) leading the growth. As validated by the momentum gaining in distributed social media startups as well as the high growth in APAC for mobile social media applications, we believe that as a team based in Korea, we are fully poised to capture the high growth APAC market as well as expand to new regions with our new social media application. 

Unlike traditional social media platforms, Ghost Talk rewards content creation, sharing, and activity within the application for individual users as well as enterprises and small businesses. The rewards are distributed using Smart Coins, XSCC’s blockchain token, and can be saved in our Smart Wallet. 

Any activity in the messaging application generates Smart Coin rewards, creating an incentive to generate content, publish reviews and expand networks within the Ghost Talk messaging ecosystem. 

The services offered by Ghost Talk include (1) a peer-to-peer messaging service with automatic deletion of messages, protecting user data, (2) a content creation platform in content-specific channels (or, public chat boards) that rewards participants for creating new content channels including paid content, recommendations, corporate promotions, and community activity, and (3) an enterprise promotion platform that enables corporations to promote their products and conduct marketing campaigns and offer a corporate reward system. 

In addition, unique to our social media offer is the Smart Coin token, which will be used to pay content generators on the Ghost Talk application. Rewards for users engaging with Ghost Talk are given in points (or, rewards) that can later be exchanged for Smart Coins on the Ghost Talk application. Points are automatically given for engagement – such as creating new, innovative content or sharing content – or deducted, in the case where an individual pays content contributors for promoting their business. 

Smart Coins can be traded on any exchange in which XSCC is listed. Smart Coin is an ERC20 coin, and validations for transactions related to payments will happen on the Ethereum blockchain. The benefits of using an ERC20 coin are transaction speed, a known validation and consensus protocol, and connection to the Ethereum ecosystem. 

As the trend continues for mobile ad growth and given the current challenges facing traditional, centralized social media platforms, Ghost Talk fills a market gap by putting content creation and branding directly into the hands of users, the most important part of any successful social media platform. 

Please see our white paper for additional details on Ghost Talk, Smart Coin, and our Roadmap by visiting the Ghost Talk website or joining our Telegram group.