GHOST is a proof of stake crypto currency founded by none other than John McAfee, that makes you nothing but a GHOST when transaction online. GHOST main net is June 22nd! For more information about GHOST, staking, and masternodes, please visit


“A specter is haunting the modern world, the specter of crypto anarchy. Computer technology is on the verge of providing the ability for individuals and groups to communicate and interact with each other in a totally anonymous manner. Two persons may exchange messages, conduct business, and negotiate electronic contracts without ever knowing the True Name, or legal identity, of the other.”

– Tim May, The Crypto Anarchy Manifesto 1992

When I first read the crypto anarchy manifesto in early 2017, I immediately became very excited at the prospect of what I thought it was talking about. The current increased interest in the development and adoption of Cryptocurrencies, drove me to get to the bottom of the manifesto. When I realized that it was written in 1992, I almost fell out of my chair. Over the next 3 years I began to research the roots of this movement and the people that had been working on these ideas for decades. These guys were visionaries, and way ahead of their time. I immediately knew they were onto something. With the rise of the internet, smart phones, and other modern technology, we have gained many amazing new interactions, business models, and connectivity, but oftentimes have given up privacy for the sake of convenience.

As Edward Snowden infamously showed us in 2013, Bill Benny and others had shown us in the past, governments around the world are spying on you, and in this day and age, the big corporations are right there with them. You are a product of a system that monetizes your thoughts, online searches, online purchases, and monitors the communication of yourself, your family, and your friends.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to become a GHOST when transacting online.

Privacy coins in the crypto currency market are not new, however no one has built a fully thriving ecosystem of products that provide privacy and anonymity surrounding all aspects of your crypto currency experience. Over the course of this year GHOST will release innovative new features that will help you do everything from chatting to your friends on the GHOST encrypted chat app, to selling products privately in the P2P GHOST marketplace, to facilitating trades with cross chain atomic swaps allowing a full cross chain DEX to run within the GHOST blockchain.

It’s time to take back your privacy. It’s time for GHOST.


Josh Case — Founder