SINGAPORE, 30 Aug 2023 - Giants Planet, the blockchain-powered phygital economy has achieved a remarkable milestone by completely selling out its flagship NFT collection 'Founding Explorers’ in 90 minutes on the prestigious Magic Eden NFT marketplace. This accomplishment not only solidifies Giants Planet's position as an emerging blue-chip NFT project but also signifies a strong leap toward the phygital transformation of the Web3 landscape.

The Founding Explorers collection comprising 222 unique Ordinals will usher in a new era of phygital engagement for digital collectibles enthusiasts. Positioned at the intersection of the physical and digital, the pixelated spaceboys have garnered immense interest and support from the Web3 community. The blend of rare and common Sats like Pizza and Block78 not only infuses aesthetic appeal but also carries intrinsic value that presents collectors with a unique proposition.


Despite the prevailing challenges brought by the current bear market and crypto winter, Giants Planet has rallied its Web3 community, creating a vibrant ecosystem that resonates with both builders and investors. The strategic partnerships with strong players in the space like Magic Eden and PG (Previously PGodjira) have been instrumental in transforming Giants Planet's vision into reality, enabling the sold-out success of the Founding Explorers collection.

Nick, Senior Bitcoin Manager of Magic Eden commented:

“We’re thrilled to see the user demand of the Founding Explorers mint on Magic Eden’s launchpad! A huge congratulations to the team for generating enough buzz to sell out the collection in under 2 hours. We’re excited to see this successful first step for the team and newly minted community.”

Shan Kumar, CEO and Founder of PG said:

“I am excited to be on this journey with Giants Planet - an all-star team with a massive track record behind and backed by top-tier venture capitals. The Founding Collection is bound to sell out with such well-planned use cases and we need to see more of these in the space!”

What Will Phygital Look Like?

Phygital experiences are more than just a concept - they are a tangible reality. Imagine owning a collectible that grants you access to an exclusive rooftop party or a front-row seat at a live music concert. Other examples include a gaming corporation allowing users to trade phygital collectibles that depict the characters or in-game weapons.

What sets Giants Planet apart is its commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional digital collectibles through the concept of "Phygital". This innovative approach allows users to not only own and trade digital collectibles but also interact with them in the physical world, unlocking real-life rewards through virtual engagement. The Founding Explorers collection represents the first step in a journey towards a fully integrated phygital experience.

With Giants Planet's phygital approach, holders will have the opportunity to engage with their collectibles in unique ways. For instance, owning a digital representation of a collectible may unlock access to real-world events, exclusive experiences or even physical items that mirror digital artworks. This convergence of the digital and physical realms holds the potential to redefine how we perceive and interact with NFTs. The Phygital vision will be enabled by its parent company’s launchpad structure - the 2MR Labs Launchpad.

Arthur Lin, CEO and Co-Founder of 2MR Labs and Giants Planet remarked:

“In the future of work, the phygital experience will bridge worlds as digital natives seamlessly weave the tangible and virtual into everyday synergy. The world could very much be tokenized in the future and we want to be the leaders to drive that vision."

Naqib Noor, Ordinals Educator said:

"Ordinals will serve as the cornerstone of Bitcoin's growth moving forward and I believe Giants Planet will onboard more users from other Layer 1 networks back to the original chain, that is Bitcoin. This is evident from the team’s commitment to provide a real world value and cases for their holders.”

As the crypto world anticipates Giants Planet's next move, enthusiasts are invited to join the thriving community on Discord to engage with fellow members, share insights, and be at the forefront of what's to come.

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About 2MR Labs

2MR Labs is Asia’s first digital assets launchpad to build technologies that bring real-world value to global brands in the form of digital assets. Founded by Arthur Lin, Founder of Action X and IP holder of Run For Your Lives, 2MR Labs is the go-to for brands to build and engage with its community with blockchain technology and Web3 strategies.

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About Giants Planet

Giants Planet is the world’s first phygital explore-to-earn economy allowing users to collect, trade, and earn real life rewards and phygital items. The Founding Explorers and Genesis Giants are Giants Planet’s main assets and in-game characters which are represented as digital collectibles on-chain.

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About Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the leading community-centric NFT marketplace and home to the next generation of creators. Initially developed for the Solana Blockchain, it has since expanded its offering to include support for Ethereum, Polygon and Bitcoin.

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About PG

Project GodJira is a community-driven NFT project specializing in blockchain technologies and services. The company offers various services to incubate Web3 businesses, such as Web3 consulting, development services, financial advisory, and more. The company was founded in 2021 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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