After the devastating news released earlier in the year, the LocalBitcoins P2P exchange platform left many users with no hope. Trading volumes fell by 30% due to vigorous and intrusive KYC procedures and the removal of offline cash trades.

We’re happy to announce the arrival of which was created by a group of OTC traders that started off on the LocalBitcoins platform. After noticing a decline in the community they were used to, they simply “wanted to bring back the glory days” to revive the community. is a new and reliable P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform allowing users to safely perform both online and offline trades. Their main attraction is the familiar and easy-to-use interface that many traders already know how to use and love.

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Picture 2 have also added new and exciting features that serve a wider community by offering the choice of trading between BTC & BCH. Another promising feature is the 24/7 support team who are on hand to help manage all queries and disputes raised effectively, making the general customer experience nothing short of excellent.

One of their objectives is to facilitate the efficient trade of cryptocurrencies on a global scale, making it accessible to all. This platform is available worldwide with active users in multiple countries and to top it all off, there is no limit on how much can be traded. Alongside this, they have competitively slashed their fees in half by charging only half a percent as opposed to other competitors charging 1% fees on all trades.

With so much focus on creating more access to cryptocurrencies in developing countries which banks may not be able to reach, this platform is evidently more than just a platform for trading but is an opportunity to introduce and advance the impact of Crypto in the world’s economy.



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