The Gmeta.One hybrid metaverse platform has officially announced its pre-alpha metaverse iteration will be launched towards the end of Q2. A video was released with live streams capturing moments of interaction and real-time developments within the newly developing and already evolving hybrid metaverse. From the frames in the video, plots of land for sale can also be seen.

Variable plot sizes are being rolled out in the pre-alpha launch. The virtual land parcels can be used to develop businesses and creative metaverse value leveraged by community members already in and coming into the GMeta. One interconnected metaverse. The objectives are engagement and longer dwell times for which GMeta.One has been developing relevant metaverse buildings and businesses within a variety of different metaverses over the past several weeks. Soon, they’ll have their own.


What is the GMeta.One pre-alpha metaverse landscape like?

From its earliest development, GMeta.One has been creating metaverse businesses that are more likely to encourage interaction, like the GMeta.One stadium, built to hold concerts and large metaverse festivals and music events within the crypto voxels Web3 iteration. Other such GMeta.One Web3 build-outs are an art gallery, GMetaVAcademy and a rooftop Sky Club on the upper level — a strategic multi-use of the additional space provided by the multi-level vertical design of the metaverse and crypto education building.

The GMeta.One virtual landscape resonates with engagement and heightened user interaction for longer organic dwell time. Another nice touch is the parcels available for sale in the GMeta.One pre-alpha iteration. From the video, viewers can observe plots of virtual land in sizes ranging from 10 by 10 meters (roughly 11 x 11 yards) through 25 by 15 meters (roughly 27 x 16 yards), with multiple options in between. Ideas to build metaverse businesses like event spaces, gaming centers, nonfungible token (NFT) displays or showcases, unique wearables and virtual merch and swag, simply holding and selling for profit, or any other metaverse business ventures can be accomplished in the pre-alpha phase, as virtual land will be ready for purchase and transfer to allow quick processing and subsequent development efforts.

“The GMeta.One metaverse iteration is developing according to plan. This is what was envisioned and it’s happening while the live pre-sale is still going. There was an arcade built, a couple of virtual social clubs, an arena and parcels for sale to community members who are also anticipated to benefit from the traffic while adding to it. The self-supporting ecosystem is developing.” -  Jay Krypto, head of metaverse development, GMeta.One

How does it all come together?

The pre-alpha metaverse terrain consists of multiple metaverse iterations like Decentraland (MANA), Crypto voxels and Somnium Space, with more said to come also. User experiences can therefore exist in completely different blockchain environments but are brought together through GMeta.One’s portal and hybrid metaverse design. It is the Gmeta.One ecosystem that acts as the link and interconnected bridge where all users can engage in activities and experiences across metaverses.

As described in the roadmap, the GMeta.One marketplace will be the bridge for all listings. Listed digital assets such as available NFT land parcels and a business directory for quick map and coordinate references are anticipated to form a model that aims to make travel within the GMeta.One hybrid metaverse simple. The live GMO token pre-sale is still underway and prizes have begun being allocated to winners as the team continues to promote the second presale round of the metaverse coin, having resolved to complete all five rounds with an equally high degree of focus and effort. More winners are to be announced with each live round.

What’s next for GMeta.One?

The work continues as the 100% live presale event pushes along. Other than that, Gmeta.One has been engaged in rounds of discussions with more potential partners, while more metaverse land acquisitions are also expected. The team is continuing to engage and interact with new and existing community members via live daily Zoom presentations centered around sharing background ecosystem and project vision, mission and news.

With the pre-alpha metaverse world with a launch in sight, GMeta.One can focus on continuing development upon their strategic business model and to design an engaging metaverse reality, ready for the late Q2 world launch.





Media Contact

Brendan Brown