Ever since mining became popular recently, many difficulties associated with this process such as expensive hardware and power consumption have arisen. As such, GoMining developed an exclusive alternative that would eliminate unnecessary problems.

GoMining created a unique token, GMT, which is backed by the real computing power of its mining fleet of devices. Besides the fact that each token is an asset, it allows Bitcoin (BTC) mining on a daily basis. Moreover, unlike traditional mining, holders don’t need to spend money on equipment, and unlike cloud mining, GMT allows mining without a time limit.

At the moment, the company receives 50% of electricity for the operation of data centers from renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power plants and wind turbines. In the future, the team plans to move completely toward sustainable energy consumption and minimize any ecological harm.

The team introduces additional equipment and computing power almost every week. After this, 20% to 90% of new tokens (supplied by fresh computing power) get “burned” and the released capacity is redistributed between other tokens. As a result, the supply capacity of a GMT increases, resulting in income growth. In three months, the token has risen in price by 200%.

In the next few years, the company plans to increase the value of GMT (and income from mining) by several times. However, GoMining’s ultimate goal is to provide 20% of the world’s mining, which is quite doable given the pace at which the company is growing.

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