GoodCrypto — a multi-exchange trading and portfolio management app — has released a highly-anticipated update across its iOS, Android and web platforms. The latest app version is packed with features that enhance the trading experience of crypto enthusiasts.

The updates include a new dollar-cost average (DCA) bot — a sought-after and highly effective trading tool for any trending market that can be used in two different modes: auto and manual.

  • In auto (signal) mode, the DCA algorithm relies on aggregated signals from 25 key technical indicators, including 15 moving averages and 10 oscillators. In this mode, whenever the chosen signal appears, the bot enters a corresponding position automatically. Once “take profit” is hit, the sequence repeats.
  • In manual mode, traders have complete control of when to enter the market and whether to go long or short. Once the position opens, the algorithm handles the rest.

GoodCrypto has also introduced a crypto affiliate program with the best conditions on the market. This program offers up to 50% revenue share based on the user’s subscription tier and an additional reward of up to $10 for every $1 million traded by their invitees on the GoodCrypto platform. Referees get a 25% discount on annual subscriptions.

The desktop app has been revamped to take full advantage of the large screen and provide the best trading experience to even the most demanding traders.

GoodCrypto has also added six new languages, including Turkish, Portuguese and Vietnamese, expanding GoodCrypto’s reach to several major crypto markets.

Maksim Hramadtsou, founder and CEO of GoodCrypto, said:

“We are thrilled to introduce the best version of GoodCrypto yet to our users. Our goal is to always provide the latest and most advanced trading tools to crypto traders and investors, ensuring they can trade as efficiently and profitably as possible.”

About GoodCrypto

GoodCrypto is a Ukraine-originated trading platform with a presence in over 100 countries across the globe. The app is considered one of the most sophisticated yet user-friendly multi-exchange trading terminals due to its intuitive interface and easy-to-setup tools, offering a plethora of features for successful trading.

Crypto enthusiasts can enhance their strategies with custom order types such as trailing stop, stop loss and take profit combos, automated trading algorithms like grid, DCA, unique Infinity trailing bot, technical analysis signals, and more. All features are accessible on the 35 largest crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and Bybit.

GoodCrypto also allows users to track and manage their crypto portfolios in real time across 35 exchanges and 12 supported blockchains.

The app’s functionality is equally accessible on desktop, iOS and Android devices.




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