Goracle, the decentralized blockchain oracle solution built on the Algorand blockchain, has announced that it will now be able to import data from Ethereum and nearly any other blockchain. This feature enables developers to build cross-chain applications that can interact with multiple blockchains, increasing the overall utility ofAlgorand.

Goracle’s features enables Algorand to act as a settlement layer for other blockchains, providing seamless access to data on other chains and facilitating cross-chain liquidity. This feature will enable developers to build a wide range of applications without building their own centralized oracles. For example, developers can now build DeFi apps that allow users to trade assets across multiple blockchains.


Other use cases for cross-chain applications include supply chain management, gaming and asset management. For example, developers can build applications that track the movement of goods across different blockchains, verify the ownership of virtual assets in games, or manage a portfolio of assets across different blockchains.

Adam Kinley, Director of Strategic Partnership at Goracle, said:

“By enabling importing of data from other blockchains, Goracle is taking a major step forward in driving adoption of the Algorand blockchain. Our solution allows developers to build innovative applications that leverage the unique features of multiple blockchains while providing more opportunities for users to interact with the Algorand network.”

Algorand is already one of the leaders in the space when it comes to speed, security and transactions per second. With Goracle’s new feature, the Algorand blockchain is poised to become the preferred settlement layer for other blockchains. This is a major step forward for Algorand and interoperability in the blockchain industry, paving the way for new innovations and greater adoption.

About Goracle

Goracle is a decentralized blockchain oracle solution built on the Algorand blockchain. It provides a secure and reliable way for smart contracts on the Algorand blockchain to access off-chain data. With the new cross-chain compatibility feature, Goracle can import data from Ethereum and other blockchains, opening up new use cases and opportunities for developers. Goracle is currently in Testnet, and plans to launch to Mainnet in June.

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