The future of bitcoin now rests with green mining. Think going green and monetizing the effort.

This is particularly the case for miners occupying the alpine region. No one disputes the fact that crypto-mining consumes huge amounts of electricity. On an industrial note, the process itself can be likened to a direct conversion of electricity to money.

Of course, this is NO statement one would expect to bode well with the eco-friendly lot, let alone skeptical economists who just can’t see the value in blockchain itself. If anything, the energy consumption in cryptocurrency mining is terribly huge and, therefore, a waste of both resources and labor. Or so they’d argue.

The Crypto-sisters and eco-friendly mining

But instead of viewing the whole thing as the source point of an ever increasing environmental threat, the crypto sisters, Nadine & Nicole, decided to approach it from an entirely different angle. One that would salvage the environment while enabling those interested in mining cryptos minimize on the cost incurred.

How it started

As Nadine puts it, it all started in 2014 when a friend introduced both her and her sister, Nicole, to crypto-mining. But as with any other coin miner who’s now knee deep into the business, she would dismiss the idea without giving it any thought only to later on learn that her sister had gone forth with the idea and made about a whopping 200 Euros mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on their home computer.

This pushed her to agree to join hands with her sister and import a dedicated miner from China.

That would mark the beginning of the project they now run.

Hydro-mining ICO

To cap it all, the two sisters no longer mine from their apartment. They instead do it from a small data center they did set up in Vienna. Even more interesting is the fact their new mining base is directly situated at the source of hydro power, which significantly stretch out their profit margins besides escalating their investments to a whole new level.

In quick highlight, hydropower is an eco-friendly source of energy that produces significant amounts of power without producing toxic byproducts or polluting the air people breathe. So besides cutting on the power cost, the crypto sisters also get to reap the benefits of enjoying cleaner water and air.

The hydrominer system employed by the sisters is hard to replicate on an industrial level, since tons of money is needed. And this is why it is up to the crypto-community to join the ICO and help make the future of mining environment friendly.

To those who consider themselves serious investors in cryptocurrency mining, this could come off as a very interesting business opportunity and one with a reasonable return on investment.

The Future of Cryptocurrency Mining

A good number of coin operators are already opting for greener mining solutions. As it stands, some have already started to learn about heat mining; and as the rate of coin mining keeps growing exponentially, we can only expect more techniques to be unleashed. But for now, especially for those who reside in the Austrian Alps, hydro power brings with it great security advantages that could be interpreted to mean this source of energy is only bound to blossom in the future.

The HydroMiner token sale starts October 18th and there will be a 20% bonus on the first week:  Join the crowdsale of this green project on the website.

Company name: HydroMiner GMHB

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Company contacts: Philip Dimitrov, CMO, HydroMiner