MetaOne aims to be the world’s leading GameFi, guild management and analytics platform. Recently it announced the close of its seed round led by Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), raising a total of $1.2 million. LucidBlue Ventures also participated. 

The capital will be used to finish developing and deploying MetaOne’s transformative smart contract and analytics system. The platform is poised to become the foremost layer-3 platform in GameFi, with more than 100 game guilds and 20,000 gamers already collaborating. MetaOne lets game guilds manage their guilds end-to-end and GameFi developers expand their reach to a larger community of gamers. 

“Metaone is the type of project IVC is keen to support. MetaOne’s founder and CEO, Martin Hoon, an experienced executive in the Web2 game category, is looking to bring his knowledge and experience to contribute to the growth of the Web3 world. The tools and management software that MetaOne wants to build can potentially make them the industry leader of layer 3 in the GameFi space,” Said Brian Lu, managing partner of IVC.

GameFi, the intersection between gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi), is a blockchain technology for game developers to deploy created tokens and store value as nonfungible tokens (NFTs). This has stirred a revolution where gamers can now play to earn (P2E) rather than simply play to win. It is widely expected that GameFi will eventually become the dominant model in the $200-billion game industry. 

“GameFi will be a reset button marking the start of a new era in the gaming industry. There is currently a huge gap between the traditional gaming space and GameFi, be it the gaming community, gaming experience or gaming economics. MetaOne’s game-guilds-as-a-service platform will bridge this gap, accelerating the adoption and growth of GameFi,” said Hoon. 

MetaOne wants to spur the mainstream adoption of GameFi. Its “RACE” — register, analysis, comprehend, earn — platform helps gamers, game guilds and developers monitor their earnings and manage team members and in-game assets. 

GameFi studios can integrate with the platform using MetaOne’s Game Mine API that can generate performance analytics for game guild managers and investors. Eight major GameFi titles have begun working with MetaOne using this API to date.

Its analytics platform gives insights regarding the GameFi ecosystem — everything from individual games’ and guilds’ success to potential yields of in-game asset staking.

MetaOne is about usability and transparency to empower GameFi: A Web2 gaming-Web3 GameFi bridge is what makes MetaOne unique. 

“LucidBlue is always looking for good solutions and platforms that can onboard millions of gamers into the blockchain space more easily. The fact that MetaOne has already onboarded 108 gaming guilds and eight GameFi 2.0 projects shows that it is a leader in the space that has the potential to bring tens of thousands of gamers into the GameFi space,” said Charlie Hu, managing partner of LucidBlue Ventures. 

MetaOne provides transformative tools for the trading and monetization of NFTs used in P2E games. The platform provides mechanisms allowing gamers to lease, trade and collateralize NFTs using smart contracts. 

The platform’s smart contract protocols offer cross-chain asset swaps, letting gamers trade and establish contracts between ecosystems. For example, users could swap Axie Infinity (AXS) tokens for Pegaxy (PGX) with a safe and transparent blockchain protocol. This makes MetaOne a strong foundation in the NFT game asset management space.

“We are very excited to be part of the MetaOne family, and we see the platform as a cornerstone of the rapidly growing Algorand gaming ecosystem. MetaOne’s analytic tools will be a gem for gamers and guilds, making their gaming experience much more efficient and profitable. We also appreciate MetaOne’s focus on educating traditional gamers about blockchain-based games. Last but not least, the team’s experience and proven track record is a guarantee of this project’s success, and we are very excited to be partnering with them.”

The platform will launch its utility token, METAONE, in an initial decentralized exchange offering planned for June 2022. MetaOne plans to launch the beta version of its platform in April 2022.

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