Hacken, the first decentralized marketplace for white hat hackers, distributed 800,000 tokens including a 30% bonus.

Kyiv, Ukraine, September 27, 2017 – Hacken, a community-driven cybersecurity business based in Ukraine, announces the closure of its pre-sale event for HKN – the first custom-tailored decentralized token for cybersecurity professionals. Hacken distributed 800,000 tokens, including a 30% bonus, managing to raise $650,000. This includes the 33 bitcoin reward received as the prize at the global leading blockchain conference, d10e PITCH CONTEST, where 26 best startups represented their ideas and business models. Hacken main token sale will start in late October, 2017. The total supply of HKN will be 20 mln with no future emissions.

This token sale will result in an ecosystem of businesses providing cybersecurity services supported with its cryptocurrency and maintained by professionals from the industry. The ecosystem will include:

  • HackenProof bug bounty marketplace
  • Unreported Zero-Day Remuneration Platform
  • Hacken Cybersecurity Startups Incubator
  • Cybersecurity Analytics Center
  • HackIT Conference, the largest international cybersecurity conference in Ukraine.

“With millions of dollars stolen by black hat hackers from businesses and private individuals every day, the issue of cybersecurity becomes a major international concern. Understanding this rapid growth of demand for data protection, we invented the Hacken project which will gather a new generation of white hat hackers to effectively solve modern cybersecurity challenges. Here in Ukraine we have many highly qualified math and computer science university graduates; dozens of successful startups which have grown to the level of Silicon Valley. This’s why we strongly believe that Hacken will be successful in leading Ukraine to become the next European cybersecurity hub.”

— Dmytro Budorin, lead manager and CFO of Hacken.

The price per token is set at $1 per 1 HKN. However, during the pre-sale Hacken awarded early investors with a 30% bonus. The Currencies accepted were BTC and ETH. The minimum contribution for the Hacken Token sale in ETH equals 1 HKN. In Bitcoin, the minimal transaction is 4 HKN.

The main advantage of the HKN is concluded in how its worth will be formed. To be more specific, after the token sale, the price of 1 HKN will equal to $1. But after the end of the bidding process, Hacken’s team will implement its invention called the “burning” principle, which is aimed at regulation of the cryptocurrency’s price. This approach will expedite the increase of liquidity, and lower the volatility risks for HKN. In other words, the amount of Hackens revolving in the system will be constantly reducing, thereby, bringing more value for its holders including Investors and White Hat Hackers.

The OrderBook is available on the main page of Hacken website.

Launch periods:

  • HackenProof Marketplace — Q4 2017
  • Analytics Center —Q1 2018
  • Hacken Accelerator — Q4 2017
  • Zero-day Platform — Q3 2018

About Hacken Ecosystem

Hacken Ecosystem is community-based business organization consisting of HackenProof bug bounty marketplace, Zero-day Remuneration Platform, Hacken Accelerator and Cybersecurity Analytics Center. Hacken Ecosystem promotes HKN — dedicated cryptocurrency for white hat hackers. Our vision is to launch a movement that in several years will become an important factor in deterring and countering international cybercrime.

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