Delhi, India, Feb. 11, 2022 — Launchpads have been exciting catalysts for growth and leading indicators of an ecosystem on the verge of taking off. According to Joe Wong, the question is: Will Harmony Launcher bring rampant change Harmony’s protocol?

As blockchain technology evolves, it has attracted many ambitious businesses under its umbrella. However, it has also introduced unavoidable issues such as a lack of opportunity for all, and a shortage of launchpads and underlying platforms. In response, Harmony has been gaining traction after the launch of its launchpad. 

Giving projects necessary exposure

Harmony Launcher fixes a lack of solid infrastructure products to launch projects and grants them the necessary exposure. Developers and startups can engage directly with the project before the team thoroughly vets, evaluates and assesses the proposal. The project can then be offered assistance in commercial growth, operational support and networking. It can also provide coaching, creative direction and tokenomics development.

The Ethereum, Solana and Binance Smart Chain networks are becoming crowded, costly and excessively sophisticated. However, according to Harmony’s developers, the launcher is a hundred times better in technical and functional terms. Harmony’s cross-chain interoperability is open, quick, safe and scalable. It provides an extensive and powerful user experience. 

The project also offers its customers reduced costs and a more secure environment. Here, they can create, participate and assume a rightful place in the blockchain ecosystem.

Harmony Launcher also eliminates the possibility of unfair allocation, allowing all investors and community members to participate in fair, secure and guaranteed initial game offerings (IGO) and decentralized exchange (DEX) offerings (IDO).

A chance to build unique projects

Harmony recently received a $300 million grant to build unique projects on its network. Startups can launch and get their ideas out into the world. Harmony community members are exclusively responsible for grant approvals and governance. 

Meanwhile, becoming a grantee is a simple procedure that users may complete in a few steps. Once a project applies, the Harmony team reaches out after a complete proposal review within a week. Once selected for the grant, the next part is to submit a project to the governor.

Once Harmony has authorized the governor, they are publicly accountable. The grant approval is announced on Harmony’s forum; each Friday, it provides weekly input and support by reacting to the project’s tweet. Before approving grantee items, governors must also test and examine the project.

The Harmony incubator and AMM DEX

Harmony’s one-stop incubator platform is for streamlining the development of innovative blockchain projects. It offers tokenomics, business development, networking, creative direction and secure escrow services.

Harmony Launcher’s automated market maker (AMM) DEX is a blockchain-based liquidity technology that instantly enables token swaps with low fees and slippage. Additionally, it features the industry’s best exchange rates in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Harmony’s AMM DEX also lets users generate passive revenue: They can farm, mine, provide liquidity and stake its native token, HARL.

HARL Token

HARL plays a vital role in controlling the platform and meeting many tasks.

Users may reserve assured allotment with the aid of HARL and stake it on Harmony Launcher’s seamless platform. Furthermore, customers get an annual percentage yield for holding HARL for an extended time. Staking HARL is the sole option to reserve allocations on Harmony Launcher’s validated three-tier structure.

About Harmony Launcher

Harmony Launcher is the world’s first decentralized IGO and IDO launchpad. It is also an incubator based on the Harmony blockchain, complete with an integrated AMM DEX. Its primary goal is to incubate and provide conditions for startups and initiatives built on the Harmony network to construct, raise money and launch projects successfully.

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