Modular Labs is launching with funding top investors in the blockchain industry to become the leading venture builder to accelerate mass adoption of web3 across Asia.

Hashed and K300 co-led the pre-seed round participated by GuildFi and GBV, which highlights the importance of Modular Labs' mission to support early-stage blockchain projects through the integration of modular architecture.

From Monolithic to Modular Blockchain

Mass adoption in web3 requires user experience that is similar to web2 experience. Users should not feel any difference in using web2 applications versus web3.

Replicating web2 user experience in web3 is difficult due to the structure of blockchains. However, it is possible to create seamless UX through the utilization of modular architecture.

Essentially, the transition to modular blockchains is driven by the recognition that DApps require adaptable and scalable infrastructure for superior user experiences.


The benefits of modular blockchains, such as enhanced user experiences, composability, and interoperability, are promising. However, the complexity of the underlying tech stack can pose a formidable barrier for developers looking to start projects from scratch in this domain.

Recognizing this challenge, Modular Labs will provide crucial support and resources for developers aiming to harness the potential of modular blockchains for the sake of more easy-to-use decentralized applications.

Hashed and K300 Join Forces to Accelerate Modular Blockchain Adoption

This fundraising round is co-led by 2 prominent investors in the industry, Hashed and K300 Ventures, which has signified a major move to the builder landscape for modular blockchains. Hashed and K300 both have considerable experience and insightful knowledge in the Web3 markets to bring invaluable expertise to support project founders. Their involvement not only augments Modular Labs' power but also enhances the development of scalable, user-friendly dApps on modular blockchain technology, setting the stage for a more accessible and efficient decentralized future.

Modular Labs stands as the ideal partner for projects and founders aiming to create effective, user-friendly products for the global audience. Their broad access to strategic partners and talent pools worldwide positions them to lead the way in blockchain innovation. Their commitment to simplifying the development process, improving user experiences, and nurturing the growth of the decentralized ecosystem aligns perfectly with modular blockchain capabilities.

Ryan Kim, Co-founder and Partner of Hashed, said:

“We all envision a future where blockchain technology is not only accessible to the tech elite but is also within reach for people from all walks of life. Therefore, with this investment infusion, we hope that Modular Labs can help unlock new horizons in the blockchain realm, fostering more groundbreaking innovation in this space.”

Anthony, Co-founder & CEO of K300 Ventures shared:

"We believe in the potential of blockchain applications in Asia. Our investment in Modular Labs taps into a promising venture that acts as a ladder for blockchain builders with high-tech stacks, experienced leadership, government support, and a strong foundation for growth in the web3 space."

About Hashed

Hashed is a team of blockchain experts and builders based in Seoul, Singapore, Bengaluru, and Silicon Valley. We believe that decentralization can transform not only the global economy but the very fabric of the internet. Our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain by investing our resources and empowering a new wave of entrepreneurs and innovators to create this future.

About K300

K300 is a venture capital firm that supports early-stage blockchain projects with funding, mentorship, and guidance. K300 also owns the largest cryptocurrency community in Vietnam, TradeCoinVN Community, which connects like-minded individuals and provides a valuable resource for those interested in learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. K300’s goal is to drive innovation and growth in the blockchain industry in Vietnam and beyond.