Hathor.Green launch — June 10, 2021.

On Thursday, June 10, Cointelegraph will host a live AMA session with Hathor Labs to launch the Hathor.Green program, an initiative to encourage the usage of renewable energy practices for Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

The event features Yan Martins, CEO of Hathor Labs, and Alex Nascimento, member of the blockchain faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles and founder of 7CC Blockchain Investments, where they will discuss the impact of adopting renewable energy practices for Bitcoin mining. Once the broad concept has been presented by Martins and developed by Nascimento, Daniel Hwang, from leading mining pool service provider F2Pool and Stakefish, will also join the AMA after the first half-hour. F2Pool will bring its professional perspective, advice and suggestions on how to better implement this program successfully and add context to this initiative, which is a first in merged-mined proof-of-work cryptos.

Nascimento said:

Hathor.Green aims to shift the digital currency industry by introducing a model that reduces carbon emissions of Bitcoin and rewards miners utilizing renewable energy.”

Hathor Labs’ vision is to utilize its corporate Hathor Network (HTR) token funds to reward and motivate sustainable miners. Through this effort, Hathor Network will be able to map the mining infrastructure for channeling transactions through “green processing power avenues.”

F2Pool is a key element of this collaboration. It has been the first large mining pool to offer Hathor merged-mining to its portfolio, bringing in expertise on identifying the mining players’ sustainability rate, and ensuring the privacy of the miner is kept safe.

Hwang, who is a big believer in sustainability, also spoke in support of the concept behind Hathor.Green. He mentioned:

“Good behavior must be incentivized. If environmental, social and governance criteria-based goals can be considered as desirable good behavior, then it should be incentivized to ensure a resilient system. Within cryptocurrency and blockchain-based systems, anything that can encourage reliance or preference for renewable energy-based mining is a welcome solution to moving the industry forward in a positive direction.”

Join us for this exciting announcement and open dialogue to create a green, ESG-compliant avenue for crypto transactions in this next step of the evolution of the digital economy.

Cointelegraph will host the AMA session on June 10 at 3:00 pm CET on its YouTube channel.