Hathor.Green is the first initiative from Hathor Network to promote renewable energy practices for Bitcoin mining.

Hathor Labs is proud to announce its first initiative in the environmental, social and governance areas to further foster and support clean energy and renewables adoption for Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

To bring this initiative to life, Hathor Labs has established a fund of Hathor Network (HTR) tokens to reward sustainable merged-mining operations by individuals or professionals.

From June 10 to July 8, 2021, a registration form will be available at Hathor.Green for companies or individuals merge-mining BTC and HTR. 

Once applications are approved, the participating miners will receive monthly rewards based on the amount of hashing power sent to Hathor Network.

How to apply to the Hathor.Green program

Miners who prove that they use green energy to mine HTR can apply by filling out a form available on the Hathor.Green website.

  1. Miners can apply at Hathor.Green from June 10 to July 8.

  2. Send the required documentation, such as utility bills for review, together with the merged-mining HTR wallet address.

  3. Hathor Labs will review the documentation.

  4. If approved, miners will receive a monthly bonus in HTR based on the percentage of the mining rewards and hashing power given to Hathor Network.

Hathor on Cointelegraph — Learn more about Hathor.Green 

On June 10 at 2:00 pm CET, Hathor Network will kickstart the initiative on Cointelegraph’s YouTube channel and uncover its breakthroughs and plans to provide essential step-by-step guidance on applying for the “ESG-compliant mining rewards.”

Tune in to watch Yan Martins, CEO of Hathor Labs, and other guests who will discuss the initiative and unveil more about the program. 

About Hathor Network

Hathor Network is a proof-of-work-based novel distributed ledger architecture that uses both directed acyclic graph and blockchain data structures intertwined with the mission to make blockchain easy and accessible for all users.

We offer a simplified blockchain framework with tools such as easy tokenization and ready-to-use use cases, from social tokens to supply chain management.

Hathor Network’s mainnet has been live since January 2020, experiencing exponential growth in the number of custom tokens, active wallets and mining hash rate.

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