Dubai, June 30, 2022 — HeadStarter, the first launchpad on Hedera Hashgraph, has announced its first initial decentralized exchange (DEX) offering (IDO).

HeadStarter is pioneering the emergence of Web3 applications on Hedera by offering a suite of services that accelerate the platform’s crypto-project development. A reputable launchpad with project-acceleration support will bring long-term value to the Hedera ecosystem currently emerging from greenfield development. Web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on Hedera have motivated ecosystem partners and the community to participate in HeadStarter’s IDO.

HeadStarter strives to be a pivotal infrastructural Web3-stack component for Hedera’s projects and user base, paving the way for Hedera-based smart contract audits as a legitimate DeFi protocol to drive mass adoption. 

HeadStarter is also growing Hedera’s visibility and interoperable integrations with Know Your Customer regulatory-technology support, Anti-Money Launder, centralized exchange (CEX) support for Hedera-native tokens, ecosystem funding and more to fast-track the development of native Web3 projects.

The success of HeadStarter’s first IDO is a result of the diligent work delivered by the in-house development arm Buidler Labs, which built an open-source SDK wrapper on top of Hedera’s. Strato.Js doubles as an early Hedera development tool and helps deliver HeadStarter’s decentralized application (DApp) functionality. 

It’s been adopted by developers of other Hedera-based projects and hackathon participants, as it greatly reduces delivery times. The development team ensures every aspect of the platform is designed and built natively on Hedera. It was imperative the DApp leveraged Hedera’s ability to ensure fast, secure and low-energy consumption token swaps at affordable, United States dollar-pegged fees. 

HeadStarter intends to offer a complete set of Web3-crowdfunding mechanisms for NFT minting and selling. It is exploring startup-funding possibilities it hopes to launch in the near future.

How HeadStarter is helping Hedera embrace DeFi

Apart from its growing community, the HeadStarter team is proud to be partnering with the leading projects built on Hedera and the influential partners in the crypto economy. 

The HBAR Foundation, Hedera’s accelerator and grant issuer, has also announced a partnership with HeadStarter and has dedicated more than $400 million to boost the Web3 economy and the metaverse on Hedera. Together, they are promoting Hedera and recommending it as an obvious choice for DApps that value security and scalability at micropayment-level costs in a carbon-negative distributed network.

During the HeadStarter IDO, the user base’s swapping experience was fast and user-friendly. It was gratifying to see the platform perform well in processing transactions during the process. 

Natively built on Hedera, the HeadStarter IDO launchpad is fully optimized to benefit from layer-1 (L1) distributed ledger technology.

Alongside its upcoming NFT sale, HeadStarter has opened its main IDO round for a limited time to subscribe. The HeadStarter (HST) token will be listed shortly afterward on CEXs and DEXs. 

Users can check the HeadStarter DApp and keep up with developments on Hedera at

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