To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University, one of the top public universities in China, from April 15 to 29, the School of Information Science and Technology of Tsinghua University and the National Research Center for Information Science and Technology of Beijing held the “Information Innovation Achievements Exhibition of Tsinghua University.” The big data-driven knowledge management and decision-making team of the Trusted Software and Big Data Research Department of the Information National Research Center and EpiK Protocol jointly developed the “Healthcare Chain,” which was launched at the exhibition.

– Poster of Healthcare Chain

Healthcare Chain is the first secure and trusted knowledge cooperation platform based on blockchain technology, featuring the co-construction, sharing and mutual benefit of medical big data. The demonstration of Healthcare Chain Application is based on the EpiK blockchain platform as the infrastructure for underlying storage, business circulation and supports the recording, storing, authorization, processing, use and supervising of medical data, and related behaviors among hospitals (data providers), experts (data processors/annotators), third parties/doctors/medical researchers (data users) and regulators (data regulators). The blockchain-based and regulatory collaboration model constructed provides a new way for high-quality knowledge creation and forms a sustainable and multi-benefit organic ecosystem.

– Healthcare Chain System Display

Knowledge team of the Big Data Department of the Information National Research Center

The knowledge team of the Big Data Department of the Information National Research Center has been engaged in the research of blockchain technology since 2016. In 2017, the Joint Research Center of Intelligent Health Big Data was established, and in 2018, the Joint Research Center of Industry Trusted Blockchain was established to research and develop the application of medical healthcare and fresh food traceability. In 2019, the knowledge team focused on the medical use case research field and innovated in and explored blockchain architecture, smart contracts and other applications. The team has successively obtained the Student Best Paper Runner-up award at ICSH, WAIM-APWeb meetings, and applied for six invention patents. The team also won second prize for the 2020 China Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Innovation Achievement Award as the first unit responsible for the “Intelligent Medical Big Data Management and Analysis Key Technology and Application” project.

EpiK Protocol

EpiK Protocol is committed to the construction of a decentralized ultra-large-scale knowledge graph through decentralized storage technology (IPFS) and a decentralized autonomous organization. It organizes and inspires members of the global community to sort out human knowledge into a knowledge graph. EpiK aims to jointly build, share and continuously update this eternal human knowledge base, thereby extending the vision of artificial intelligence.