As decentralized finance (DeFi) gains momentum, the crypto community exercises their due diligence by staying educated and participating in new functionalities such as staking — putting crypto to work for earning passive rewards. With the massive influx of new token projects, one of them, in particular, stands out the most by offering up to 1 million percent APY on Genesis Period: Helena Financial

A Helena Financial representative said, “Helena Financial is positioned to redefine the DeFi space with its new and improved AutoStaking and AutoCompounding mechanisms. Moreover, Helena Financial is proud to be the first to present the Auction Bonding concept to the crypto space, which is aimed to boost Helena’s treasury and provide long-term sustainability. This will provide an alternative monetary convention that simplifies the staking process, maximizing the stable returns that HELENA tokenholders receive. 

“Together with the Assure DeFi Know Your Customer (KYC) and CertiK audits, Helena Financial is the only decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed APY protocol on BNB Smart Chain (BSC), with brand new offerings such as Auction Bonding and Golden Epochs.” 

The features and perks of Helena Financial

Helena Financial is set to offer a plethora of features and perks that will greatly benefit the community: 

  • In-wallet AutoStaking and AutoCompounding: Users’ HELENA tokens will be automatically staked to ensure maximum yield.
  • The highest DAO-governed APY on BSC: Genesis stakers may earn up to 1 million percent APY. 
  • Rapid payouts: Users receive payouts every 15 minutes, making Helena Financial the fastest AutoStaking protocol in the crypto space right now. 
  • Helena nonfungible token zone: Helena Financial will be hosting a series of exciting and fun-to-play games in the ecosystem to promote NFT utility. 

Not to mention, Helena Financial’s team is composed of more than 20 dedicated crypto experts from Team Nemesis, along with web development, marketing and financial professionals. This level of manpower has placed Helena Financial in a good position by having already obtained its KYC verification via Assure DeFi and has also laid out a strong foundation for its two upcoming audits by Certik and Solidity Finance.

Helena Financial’s one-month marketing push

With its extensive list of resources, partnerships and loyal community members, Helena Financial aims to put the pedal to the metal for the next 30 days to gain as much momentum as possible. Take a peek at what the next 30 days will look like:

  • Thirty-day exposure campaign on the Brave web browser, including push notifications and news advertisements 
  • Press releases and brand mentions on reputable media outlets
  • Massive exposure campaigns with partnered platforms such as BSCScan, DEXTools, BSCNews, BSCDaily, DappRadar, CoinSniper and many more
  • Thorough influencer marketing campaigns with more than 20 top-tier YouTube influencers and 15-plus top-tier Twitter influencers during the initial growth phase
  • A continuous 30-day “content raid” on Reddit’s most popular subforums
  • Forum exposure on the Bitcoin Talk and Altcointalk internet forums. 

Going forward

Given that Helena Financial is currently live to the public, those who wish to participate should head over to its website to take advantage of all the perks and features. Stay up to date with announcements, giveaways and future partnerships by simply following Helena Financial on its social channels.