Citizen Conflict is a competitive hero shooter by QORPO Game Studio, empowering players with esports and true ownership of in-game assets. To popularize NFTs among the general public, the team behind Citizen Conflict is introducing a collection of free NFT avatars called Become the Citizen, available on August 8 on Magic Eden. 

NFT collection to engage traditional players

Citizen Conflict has been steadily rising in popularity among Web3 gaming enthusiasts thanks to its unparalleled quality and competitive gameplay, which materialized in a recent esports tournament with a $10,000 prize pool. With the launch of the second Alpha release, Citizen Conflict proved to be a game with the fastest-growing community on the blockchain, backed by positive feedback from players. The tournament’s winners Eternity Clan, stated:

“The tournament was a great debut for Citizen Conflict. Being organized with an ideal mixture of professionalism and flexibility, it was a lot of fun competing against other leading teams.”

With the successful sunsetting of the second Alpha release, the team is edging toward Alpha 3.0, yet this time, QORPO is planning to involve gamers from beyond the blockchain space with a great-looking and utility-rich NFT collection of the Citizen Conflict hero avatars. 

Citizen Conflict heroes get iconized on Magic Eden

Citizen Conflict revolves around a clash of syndicates headed by distinct heroes in the dystopian world of Ether Islands. Seeing potential in the elaborate hero-play, QORPO Game Studio is partnering with Magic Eden to iconize six in-game characters as highly rare profile-picture NFTs.

Every hero masters unique abilities, has a different backstory and resonates with different players. Become the Citizen Magic Eden collection is poised to unite the growing fan base of the game on social media and express support for the community’s favorite heroes of the dystopian world that Citizen Conflict portrays. 

The entire NFT collection will be accessible on August 8 on Magic Eden. The limited supply presents 2,500 pieces of incredibly high rarity. The six in-game heroes come in a multitude of unique variables, making sure that every NFT differs from others.

High rarity, game access and airdrop in NFT collection 

QORPO Game Studio has partnered with Magic Eden to help players become citizens of their game, Citizen Conflict, and leverage their presence on social media, introducing the limited collection of 2,500 NFT pieces for a minting fee. Not only do these digital assets look great, but QORPO made sure to bring added value thanks to multiple utilities for the holders:

  • Citizen Conflict Alpha access  — Become the Citizen Magic Eden NFT holders gain immediate and universal access to every Citizen Conflict Alpha release. Play, hone your skills, and vie for big prizes in the upcoming esports tournaments. 
  • Upcoming tournament access — with the success of its first esports tournament, Citizen Conlift aims to bring a follow-up. Become the Citizen holders will be eligible to vie for valuable prizes. The last tournament’s prize pool reached the $10,000 mark.
  • High NFT rarity — Become the Citizen Magic Eden is a limited collection of NFT avatars coming in 2,500 pieces, each equipped with different variables, making every single NFT of the collection unique and second to none. 
  • Incredible digital presence  — the NFT collection is designed to enhance players’ presence on social media and bring their own piece of Citizen Conflict to their profiles.
  • QORPO token airdrop  —  QORPO Game Studio is about to list its token QORPO. With their piece from the limited NFT collection, users can become early QORPO holders for free with a generous airdrop chance, only paying the Polygon minting fee.

Get your Become the Citizen NFT on Magic Eden

QORPO Game Studio offers a special opportunity to become an early Citizen Conflict supporter and reap the benefits of its fast-evolving ecosystem of games, NFTs and esports on the blockchain. Don’t miss your chance to get your iconic Citizen Conflict hero on Magic Eden for free as soon as August 8 after covering the Polygon minting fee.