The Hypersloths nonfungible token (NFT) project aims to go where no one has gone before and when it comes to the art and utility of its NFTs.

The Hypersloths Times Square 3D billboard

The Hypersloths mint event is currently priced at 0.25 Ether (ETH). There are only 8,000 Hypersloths

Currently, a community promotional event is taking place where holders of an NFT from this exclusive collection, who will hold their NFT until the end of the mint, will enjoy an extra Hypersloth NFT airdropped to their wallet address.

The Hypersloths NFT project boasts three key elements:

  • Jaw-dropping 3D art by World leading artist Yevgeni Krachack, who has worked with giants such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Google and more. 3D art rules the space these days, and Yevgeni’s 3D team designed the Hypersloths in a detailed manner so that viewers feel like they are about to pop out of the screen. Seeing behind the scenes in “RDY Labs” 3D and animation department is a unique experience where artists work hard to bring their personal touch to make each creation pop.
  • A collect-to-earn utility was created especially to make the day-to-day collecting experience much more exciting than ever before. The Hypersloths collect-to-earn (C2E) utility is a game where users will be challenged to solve riddles leading to a specific Hypersloth in the collection. After solving the riddle and finding the week’s winning Hypersloth, users will be required to get the Hypersloth in their possession before they claim the week’s reward — in the first week of the game, starting March 28, — 10 winners will get $5,000 each. “I personally can’t wait to get my first offer during the C2E game. Is it winning the week’s prize or just a random offer? Should I sell or not? That’s where the game is going to shine” said Tomer Warschauer Nuni, NFT collector and Hypersloths investor. 
  • Fully doxed owners by the name of “RDY Labs,” which was built especially to make the Hypersloths project shine. One of the biggest caveats of NFT projects is how easy it is to disappear and leave the community behind. Hypersloths co-founders Roni Liani, Dor Levy and Yevgeni Krachak are fully disclosing their identities, so people know they’ll work actively and openly to drive the project’s success.

The project’s community on Discord is lively with discussions and operates like a real democracy; the moderators and founders are always there to listen to the community and act accordingly. “After being a part of the community for the past week, I could immediately tell that the team really understands the importance of the community, and everyone there is really given the opportunity to say what’s on their mind,” added Nuni.

Users looking for an engaged project with a structured roadmap that consults with the community are welcomed to participate.

About Hypersloths

Hypersloths is a collection of 8,000 unique 3D art pieces actively chilling on the Ethereum blockchain. The Hypersloths are all about being in control of their lives and not giving a damn about what others think. In a way, they are a representation of what we all thrive to become: successful and happy, but by our own definition and standards. Being a Hypersloth is about always pushing toward your goals but knowing when to relax and have some fun.