The BinStarter protocol, the first and only insurance policy-protected initial DEX offering launchpad protocol, is proud to announce to the crypto world that its highly anticipated public sales date has been scheduled on Aug. 4. According to previous data collected on the seed sales, the upcoming public sales will have the biggest number of participants. During the seed sales, 14,500 individuals participated in whitelisting and only 1,000 successfully whitelisted to buy BinStarter (BSR) tokens. With 13,500 people who did not have a chance to purchase BSR tokens, the public sales are projected to draw an even bigger base of buyers. In addition, BinStarter’s initial market capitalization is extremely low with team tokens vested for three years. BinStarter has already conducted two massive token burns, reducing the total supply by 15.2%.

BinStarter’s vision is to protect all small investors from potential financial risk from newly launched IDO projects and create a fair, transparent and rewarding IDO investment opportunity. To accomplish this, the BinStarter protocol collaborated with Polygon (formerly Matic) to create a broad base of networks to scale across. All smart contracts were audited to fully protect the BinStarter community. The randomness technology of Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) was integrated to aid the IDO allocation selection and lottery feature to create a fair, transparent and random selection process. 

In the upcoming public sales, there will be a whitelisting task needed to be completed in order to gain entry points. 100 people with the highest entry points will receive a guaranteed allocation to purchase BSR tokens, while 900 people will be randomly selected. A total of 1,000 people will have a guaranteed allocation to purchase BSR tokens in round one. However, if there are any unsold tokens, buyers who whitelisted and do not have an allocation are able to purchase the remaining hard cap, subject to individual minimum and maximum caps. 

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