After yet another spectacular Move-In Day, Highstreet has announced the inaugural Formula FOMO: Animoca RV Racing Rally, hosted across Highstreet World’s Animoca Archipelago and the historic Formula 1 track, Circuit de Monaco.

Join Highstreet on the track for a chance to not only bring home the HIGH but also score plenty of opportunities to win a ticket package worth over $15,000 to Highstreet’s corresponding in-person event on May 25 to 29 at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix.

Festivities all around Animoca Archipelago

Tailwind Motors, the company that built your RVs, is opening up their test tracks for the biggest festival in Duck history. Highstreet World is inviting avians and humans alike to join it on the Animoca Archipelago and brave the wilderness together. The Revv Racing Circuit, originally built to test the highly volatile Lunarite Engines, circumnavigates the charted regions of the island chain. Treacherous weather patterns with frequent monster attacks made the track too dangerous for Tailwind’s test engineers, but for the daredevils of Highstreet World, the Circuit is the perfect testing ground.

On May 15, 2023, all owners of an All-Terrain Trailer Highstreet Home can register through the reclamation orb interface inside their RV(s) to participate in the rally. Owners can proceed to the race only if they clear one of the three Pre-race qualifiers, so the last opportunity to enter the race would be May 21, 2023.

The competitiveness of each RV will be decided by its power system, applied boosts and other traits found in its metadata. Race results may also be influenced by weather patterns and potential monster attacks.

Animoca RV Racing Rally comes with huge stakes, so everyone participating will want to do their best. The event is divided into four stages:

  • Community challenges
  • Pre-race qualifiers
  • The big rally race
  • Podium ceremony

Community challenges are a series of fun events that Highstreet is co-hosting with eight of its partners. Participating in these events will result in corresponding boosters for the upcoming racing rally.


The event will conclude with the Podium Ceremony, with Racers able to retrieve their registered RVs and prizes from the reclamation orb interface two days after the event ends. Rewards can only be withdrawn within a two-week period after the race ends. If the reward is not withdrawn after two weeks, only staked RV can be withdrawn. Final round winners will receive the reward as airdrops. For the first-place winner to claim the grand prize, they must participate in an online recording with Highstreet. In case the first-place winner is unable to comply, other finalists will be considered for first place.


Any Racer who passes the Pre-Race Qualifiers will be rewarded at least 5 HIGH tokens, for each round after the Pre-Race Qualifiers, winners that are not eliminated can earn anywhere from 5 to 500 HIGH tokens per round based on the round number and participating RVs.

The exact breakdown of prizes will depend on the prize pool that is activated. The more RVs that participate, the bigger the prize pool.


About Highstreet

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