The FOMO Duck nonfungible tokens will introduce users to Highstreet’s metaverse and provide a chance to win HIGH vouchers.

Vancouver, Sept. 14, 2021 — Highstreet is launching nonfungible tokens of its mascot FOMO Duck, which will serve as a guide for new users who become community members of the world’s first commerce-centered metaverse.

Highstreet’s metaverse provides accessibility to gaming, entertainment, real estate, crypto and other scenarios for its users. Highstreet World consists of fully explorable islands powered by brands and partners alike, each with residential areas as well as various physical and digital (phygital) products — digital assets pegged to real-world products — sold as NFTs.

Highstreet Market is a special marketplace located in Highstreet City inside the metaverse. It specializes in redeemable limited edition phygital products, meaning every token represents both the digital and physical components of the product. Highstreet Market’s StreetSmart bonding curves utilize a smart contract vault to ensure liquidity for the buyer at all times. By tokenizing each individual product into ERC-20 tokens, Highstreet Market eliminates the logistical overhead for third-party asset traders, ensuring that only creators and true collectors possess and handle the items.

With the help of recognizable companies such as HTC, Highstreet not only allows users to buy actual products through digital means but also allows friends to join parties to shop and earn together in a growing metaverse.

Highstreet’s marketplace can be navigated through web browsers. For those with access to native virtual reality, Highstreet’s metaverse is a real place where users can tap into face-to-face interactions using high-quality, 3D avatars thanks to its recent partnership with Tafi.

The denizens of Highstreet’s metaverse will encounter FOMO Duck, a mascot with an integral role in the shared digital environment. Highstreet plans to launch FOMO Duck as an NFT on Sept. 17, 2021, with 250 released each day until the total supply of 10,000 FOMO Ducks has been minted.

FOMO Duck NFTs can be minted by anyone who completes a list of tasks on Gleam. The minting fee is 0.069 Ether (ETH) and is limited to one Duck per address. Each FOMO Duck would have three attempts to enter the Highstreet Moon Vault and obtain a Highstreet (HIGH) voucher. Holders of FOMO Ducks will also qualify for exclusive bonuses leading up to our metaverse reveal and launch near Halloween. 

Highstreet has two affiliated subsidiaries: Sundance-backed LumiereVR Studio and Retinad Analytics. Acquired in 2018, Retinad is a gaze and eye-tracking technology company that automates consumer insights collection for brands.

For more information about Highstreet, please visit its official website.

About Highstreet

Highstreet is a commerce-centric metaverse that allows players to explore a vast MMORPG world where in-game items are real products by real brands. Highstreet’s merchant portal enables the shopify-for-gaming experience for brands where an easy-to-use user interface built upon the Metaplex protocol allows companies to easily set up shop both on Web 3.0 as well as in Highstreet World.






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