Crypto miners have long favored ASIC miners due to their top-range efficiency. Now, Hiveon , a leading crypto-mining software solutions provider, has launched new ASIC firmware that will push the limits of this efficiency even further.

Hiveon has heard the feedback from Antminer S19 and T19 series users who have been looking for the most efficient ways to save electricity, increase their hash rates and protect their devices against viruses. The company has launched new Hiveon ASIC firmware for the S19 series and T19 model to address these needs and set a new industry standard for firmware solutions.

“ASIC devices enable some of the most efficient crypto-mining ecosystems available, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement,” said Paul, lead engineer at Hiveon. firmware for ASIC miners that will allow them to take their mining operations to the next level. ”

Hiveon has implemented various new features to improve the user experience for its ASIC firmware to the fullest. S19 — a series including the S19, S19j, S19 Pro and S19j Pro models and T19 Hiveon ASIC firmware include these improvements for users to benefit from the highest possible performance and virus protection. 

Improved hash rates

Hiveon ASIC firmware offers increased hash rates and lowers power consumption compared to the stock data. For example, the stock S19j Pro hash rate is 104 tera hashes per second (th/s), while S19j Pro Hiveon ASIC firmware enables users to get up to 138 th/s. When comparing the power consumption of the same model, the stock firmware consumes 3,050 watts while the Hiveon one consumes around 2,790.

Enhanced virus protection

“Every stock firmware has a well-documented list of software vulnerabilities. A virus infection may occur, which could be a massive headache for users and result in loss of income. In the worst case, some viruses infect miners and render the device’s hash power unusable. Our improved Hiveon ASIC firmware can prevent these issues entirely,” said Paul.

Hiveon’s ASIC firmware users avoid infection risks and potential time and money expended by protecting their devices from the get-go. With the firmware implemented, ASIC devices will be protected even if infected devices get introduced into the local network.

Ease of use and integration

Hiveon’s ASIC firmware interface has become even more intuitive for those who have just started using the solution. Hiveon ensures that all users get a perfect user experience and enjoy maximum convenience while using its firmware for the S19 series and T19 model.

Additional features of the new Hiveon ASIC firmware include:

  • Pool, web, password and network data remaining persistent even after inserting an SD card
  • A tune sensitivity option added, which shows the possible percentage of hash-rate deviation considered normal when the tune is running — e.g., at 90% sensitivity, a 10% deviation from the maximum will be the norm
  • A set-preset-profile button on the ASIC web interface allowing users to set a profile and quickly start mining without spending time on tuning
  • Using the diagnostic log to track whether the ASIC was successfully connected to the system and downloading the received data in a text-file format
  • Compatibility with single-decked Xilinx control boards and support for other boards such as BB and Amlogic, coming later this year.

Hiveon ASIC firmware enables users to increase profit, reach the highest reliability levels and benefit from multiple features.