Some of the most common gifts on Valentine’s Day are chocolates, cakes, balloons and jewelry. People try to be unique and creative while expressing their love. Most people had never even heard of nonfungible tokens (NFT) this time last year, but NFTs took the art world by storm in 2021: Pieces such as Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days fetched tens of millions of dollars. 

NFTs are the latest craze bringing the masses to crypto. 

Katricyan of Seville, Spain chose an NFT as a surprise gift for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. “I had been thinking of [buying] something unique and out of this world as a gift for my boyfriend that he would want to treasure for life. I came to know through sources that NFTs are the latest craze among boys, so I chose the craziest one,” said Katricyan.

Villie, her boyfriend, said, “First, I couldn’t believe this: She had chosen what the world is drooling over for me on this Valentine[’s Day]. She has bought one of the coolest 3D NFTs for me. I was blown away by the quality and augmented reality feature, which was the cherry on [top of] the cake. I hope this may bring fortune for both of us in the future.”

Katricyan had gifted a next-generation functional 3D metaverse-ready Lepasa NFT to Villi. 

Aside from crypto and dating, eToro’s research revealed that 8% of respondents would have wanted to receive an NFT as a Valentine’s Day present this year. Given the growth of the NFT sector, this data didn’t come as a surprise. 

This discovery was interesting, said Callie Cox, a United States investment analyst at eToro, because it showed that Millennials and Generation Z value identity-themed items. “The younger generation wants to possess something that represents who they are in real life or the metaverse, and NFTs represent this,” Cox said. 

Ashish Agarwal, co-founder of Lepasa, said, “We are so glad that our voice is heard by the lovely community. We started the Gift NFTs This Valentine campaign last week. This news has come as a surprise for all of us at Lepasa.” 

“While the majority of what we have seen in the NFT space so far has been related to art and selling artwork, we are likely to see many more applications for the technology in the coming years,” said Agarwal.

What is Lepasa?

Lepasa is a mythological virtual world conceptualized by a team of artists and engineered by blockchain enthusiasts. It is an outstanding NFT project built by an experienced team of blockchain technology experts, great traditional artists and excellent 3D computer-generated imagery artists. The vision is to establish an ecosystem that allows users to create, experience and monetize their content with real-world applications. Every piece of creativity in Lepasa is an ERC-721 protocol NFT token that is always completely owned by its holder, giving them full control over wherever they choose to use their NFT.

What makes Lepasa unique?

Lepasa creatures are fine-art 3D metaverse-ready NFTs — not just JPEGs. Lepasa NFTs give the owner access to the actual source file, and in turn, the NFT owner can animate and use them in games, videos, 3D metaverses and more.

Lepasa’s intention

NFTs are growing at an unprecedented pace: They are no longer just pictures and GIFs but now have actual use cases. Lepasa is building an ecosystem that will bring everyone who believes in innovation to join the crypto and NFT revolution. Its NFTs give owners access to the actual source file — not just a picture of it. These source files can be used in games, videos, pictures and more. The quality of its NFTs has set a new industry standard.