Marsbase is the world's first decentralized platform for OTC crypto trading, where whales can buy and sell large amounts of altcoins without losing money to slippage. At the same time, retail investors and traders will participate in these transactions and earn money thanks to discounts or premium prices of assets. In other words, it will be possible to buy altcoins of any capitalization at a discount, for example, 10% or 15%.

To test the stability of the system, as well as introduce the product to the crypto community, Marsbase is launching a testnet and several other interesting promotions. Everyone is invited to go through two stages of testing the crypto OTC desk to understand what level of profitability Marsbase can provide for both crypto whales and now even retail investors.

Participants will not only have the opportunity to master the newest financial DeFi tool, but also make money on the test. The project team will launch a $ 50,000 crypto airdrop. NB! Only the first 1000 registered will have the opportunity to get on the testnet. Go to Marsbase Testnet bot.

“This testnet is a great way to demonstrate to the crypto community the capabilities of our DeFi OTC platform, which we are about to launch on the mainnet,” said Igor Kolokoltsev, CEO and founder of Marsbase.

During 30 days after the launch of the mainnet, Marsbase will allow 100% free trading no matter how big or small the transactions are. So, don’t miss out on saving 1% from every transaction. To unlock free OTC trading, use the promo code COINTELEGRAPH30 in Marsbase Support bot on Telegram

ALL in one: Testnet, feedback campaign, bonus tasklist, money for karma

In total, the testnet will last four weeks. The first part takes place in the Rinkeby test network and starts on October 26th. At this stage, you need to get free test ETH tokens on your Metamask wallet, go to the project website and start going through the scenarios, creating OTC deals for the purchase and sale of assets. How to do this is described here.

You don't need OTC brokers to trade on Marsbase. All you need to do is to buy or sell altcoins, for example, Ethereum or UNI, participate in already created offers, place your bids and manage offers by setting Discount / Premium prices, deadlines and other parameters.

In such a test mode, participants will not only be able to earn money, but also to evaluate the platform's capabilities. It will help understand how OTC desks function and why Marsbase is better than classic or DeFi crypto exchanges and crypto OTC desks.

“We have a strong team, we have done a lot of research on OTC, crypto communities and secondary markets. This makes us confident that we are creating a product that meets market needs, has a great potential and enough space for growth,” — said Denis Isaulov, product director at Marsbase.

As the testnet progresses, participants will be able to vote for the functions that they consider necessary and useful, propose their ideas on what to improve and finalize on the new OTC cryptodesk. This way Marsbase has every chance of getting into the TOP 10 OTC CRYPTO DESK already in 2021.

The second stage of the Marsbase testnet will begin on November 11 and will be aimed at evaluating the updated design of the platform. 

The second stage will take place on clickable prototypes of the new Marsbase in the Maze service.

Now let’s talk about money. As mentioned earlier, a $ 50,000 crypto airdrop will be split among all testnet participants. To get the largest possible share of the prize reward, you need to go through all the stages of the testnet and complete additional tasks.

After completing all the steps, the team also offers to leave detailed feedback on the site's work, and for this, it will award the best participants with cash prizes up to $250.

In addition, during the testnet period, you can earn an additional $300, $150 or $50 for helping other participants. All thanks to the new Karma feature in Telegram Marsbase chat.

More information about Marsbase testnet:

If you would like to learn more on how to make money on OTC deals on Marsbase you can start by studying the knowledge base: 

About Marsbase

Marsbase is a new DeFi OTC platform that will allow you to trade altcoins of any capitalization without affecting the token rate on the market and price slippage.

The uniqueness of the project also lies in the fact that soon it will be possible to trade tokens with vesting, that is, blocked for trading on exchanges, and Marsbase itself will become a cross-chain OTC desk. All transactions on Marsbase are made without intermediaries, without Know-Your-Customer (KYC), based on Ethereum smart contracts.