Blockchain technology rapidly gives a new shape to many industries, including finance. The network stores data using a decentralised system, making it more efficient than other traditional databases. Consequently, this innovation leads to an increase in demand and effective productivity. 

The shift from traditional finance to digital banking is becoming acceptable in many parts of the world, and this advancement is possible because of blockchain technology. Furthermore, there has been a massive increase in smartphones and internet access by many young people who understand the value of effectiveness. 

Therefore, Wallex is the custodian that connects traditional finance with blockchain to meet the needs of financial players efficiently.

Wallex is the digital banking of the future

Wallex, a digital financial institution, aims to bridge the gap between traditional banking and virtual finance by providing tangible and digital assets, advanced technological ecosystems, AML, neobanking, and other vital services that connect financial players to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

It is no surprise that many people face challenges when trying to adopt cryptocurrency when used to fiat currencies for daily commercial transactions. Furthermore, not all financial institutions support both fiat and digital currencies on their digital platforms, making sending and receiving cryptocurrencies hard.

Therefore, Wallex allows everyday users to quickly enter the digital asset space and implement crypto in their business and day-to-day life. By providing innovative banking, and a full suite of services merging traditional finance and blockchain, Wallex offers lasting banking solutions for individuals, businesses, and fintech projects.

Wallex allows users to open an acceptable worldwide account using the Neobanking feature on the platform. The account is easy to operate, and users can get verified within seconds. In addition, this service allows merchants to send and receive both cryptocurrency and fiat currency without transaction fees. Other benefits include great staking options, access to plastic or virtual cards for daily expenses, trading crypto at the best prices, and high-security limitless exchanges.

Wallex is the perfect for Merchants and businesses

One of Wallex’s objectives is to support the use of cryptocurrency by merchants as a means of exchange. Consequently, the platform’s crypto payment gateway, Wallex Pay, represents a dynamic and innovative payment processing platform that allows vendors to accept crypto payments without risking security. 

The payment gateway connects vendors and customers, allowing online payments to be processed swiftly and securely. In addition, users can bridge the gap between tangible assets and digital assets through TOKASH (Tokenised Cash Payments for Digital Companies).

Wallex team has recently announced the launch of their Wallex Exchanges - Wallex Exchange and Wallex PRO Trade. 

Wallex Exchange allows new financial traders to enjoy an easy and comprehensive interface without missing out on important updates and features. On the other hand, Wallex PRO Trade is a suite for advanced traders with relevant tools. Users can make trades, exchange, stake, lend, borrow and hold fiat and digital assets in a safe and regulated environment. Furthermore, users can withdraw their funds quickly and securely using multi-party computing.

These services plan to encourage and support the connection between traditional finance and blockchain technology by merging fiat and digital assets to create a new monetary policy that increases transaction volumes and wealth and links quickly to the world economy.

Wallex has huge plans for 2022

Wallex recently launched EURST as a service which is one of the most significant achievements of the payment protocol. EURST is the first representative of euro stablecoin, 100% asset-backed and live audited. 

The payment gateway platform’s goal is not only to bring a positive revolution in the financial sector but to expand its presence globally, launch the institutional program and become a commercial trust for digital currencies by providing stablecoin services on a large scale to enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency in traditional commercial activities.

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