London, July 21, 2021 — Decentralized exchange Hswap officially goes live on the HECO Chain on July 21. Hswap, an innovative decentralized exchange based on an automatic market maker mechanism, is committed to building an open and efficient financial market that is convenient for developers, liquidity providers and traders, and is accessible to all users. Thus far, Hswap has received millions of U.S. dollar investments from Huobi Ventures in seed round financing and will fully integrate into the HECO ecosystem, creating a diversified and efficient financial market. 

The Hswap team is composed of the core members from the HECO developer community and the world’s top exchanges, who have many years of experience in the development and operation of blockchain projects. According to the marketing lead at Hswap, participants will be provided with top-of-line security, numerous asset choices as well as early participation in the ecosystem. Overall, it provides all-around support for the development of decentralized projects and the prosperity of the HECO ecosystem. 

As an innovative platform, Hswap supports the “dual mining” mechanism of both liquidity pools and transaction pools. According to the team, the dual mining mechanism will commence soon. Please follow HECO’s official announcements for details of the reward distribution. In addition, Hswap will provide multiple functions such as token listings in the featured area and multiple asset distribution. It will showcase high-quality projects from the HECO chain that meet certain requirements to be in the featured area.