Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, May 9, 2022 — Huobi Ventures, MEXC, Lancer Capital, LD capital, VRM Ventures, Redliene DAO, Titans Ventures, Bitcoke, ICO Pantera have confirmed an investment in HTR Group, Vietnam’s leading crypto media and professional investment management agency.

With recent good news in the legal department for blockchain in Vietnam, cryptocurrency assets are heading into the eyes of the public and the portfolios of everyday investors. This provides the chance for more crypto projects’ exposure to a much larger audience. The competition just got much fiercer as crypto projects toil amid a sea of advertisements, all vying for consumers’ attention. However, not all crypto projects are good in that department since the blockchain crypto landscape in Vietnam is still in its infancy.

HTR Group’s relentless effort is the answer for projects looking for a knowledgeable and effective crypto marketing agency. HTR Group ensures its clients’ projects will soar in both value and popularity. With half a decade in the scene, the veterans at HTR have seen it all and helped shape the crypto development through investment and marketing for multiple projects, including Avalanche, Project Galaxy, Immutable X, Cere Network and a dozen other trailblazing projects. 

Funding from other global industry leaders proves HTR Group’s potential and the need for a global-standard, professional marketing agency in Vietnam’s market: VRM Ventures, Redline DAO, Titans Ventures, BitCoke and ICO Pantera.

This investment will allow HTR Group to tap into the resources of its backers and spread its network and impact beyond Vietnam in a mission to ease the path to success for new crypto projects. From proper marketing planning, community and gaming guild formation and development to efficient, professional outsourcing operations, the next journey for HTR Group brings all the exciting tools to aspiring crypto founders’ fingertips.

The road ahead: What HTR Group has in store after a successful funding round

HTR Group already has a proven track record of successful marketing in the crypto space, and now it is using that winning formula as a service for projects looking to disrupt the scene. After years of initiation, the Vietnam crypto market is now just at the beginning of a growth period. Ups and downs show the vitality of the crypto ecosystem, but there haven’t been many marketing solutions offered — most projects still rely on traditional internal models for members, which makes it particularly important to raise the standard and bring an expert’s touch to the space.

Community and creating a fanbase around successful projects before initial offerings are the most telling factors of success in this field. To achieve this, HTR Group has brought aboard 13 media partners and communities: AVStar Capital, BitCoke, CMC Capital, ICO Pantera, Lancer, Lucy Ventures, PA Trading, Redline DAO, Titans Venture, TFS Group, Butterfly Research Group, UB Holding and Hehe Trading & Investment etc. 

This marks the birth of one of the most extensive communication networks in the Vietnamese crypto space. With plans for gaming guild development afterward, HTR Group is determined to be at the forefront of the crypto scene in general and GameFi in particular.

With such a strong community backing every project, HTR Group wants to drive crypto development in a more long-term direction. Gone are the days of short-lived projects and outright scams: New crypto projects also face the challenges of user retention after the popularity of initial offerings wanes. HTR Group brings extensive experience in managing operations, establishing itself as a leader in outsourcing solutions for fresh market entries. In taking away the burden of everyday affairs and letting teams focus on what they do best, HTR Group creates a friendly environment for projects to grow to full capacity.

Dao Van Chung, CEO of HTR Group, said, “We have known Huobi Ventures, MXC, Lancer, LD Capital and their excellencies in the crypto market for quite some time. Their visions align well with HTR’s: to build a best-in-class media service and solution that promotes the healthy development of the blockchain community. This deal represents recognition and trust from our partners for HTR’s commitment to further the development of media activities related to the blockchain and crypto in Vietnam and to provide our partner a competitive advantage in the communication aspect.”

With new funding and strategic partnerships, HTR Group will commit to securing its rapid expansion and its partners’ exposure to the Vietnam market. This deal allows HTR to address the increasing demand for a crypto media platform that bridges the public’s awareness and its clients’ business and services.

About HTR Group

Founded in 2017, HTR Group is a leading media agency and professional investment management in blockchain and crypto industry in Vietnam. It provides marketing and investment services and solutions, ranging from establishing communities and providing the latest market updates to supporting project development and listing processes. HTR Group continues to lay the foundation for generations of business partners to come into this industry.