Cryptocurrency is a niche industry that has been developing with uncertainty and volatility. In 2019, Facebook’s proposed launched of its stablecoin, Libra, was met with criticism and distrust and is still struggling; the public chain underwent a brutal shakeout; Bitcoin ETFs were continually rejected; and regulations in several jurisdictions became tighter. Both the traditional financial industry and crypto world are suffering from COVID-19. How can OKEx overcome the volatility of the industry to be one of the top exchanges? And what is the key code for the platform to keep on developing and innovating?

The third Cointelegraph China HUB focuses on OKEx’s achievements in 2019, the internationalization of OKEx. Together with our host Vadim Krekotin and co-host Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Jay Hao, the CEO of OKEx, will talk about his thoughts about derivatives, the further development and plans of OKB and OKChain, global regulations, etc.


1. The cryptocurrency industry itself brims over uncertainties, and it is OKEx’s innate mission to be prepared to meet new challenges on all occasions. Technology is the engine of the crypto world built on blockchain technology. The faith in tech brings OKEx people together. In 2019, OKEx polished the construction of the system without stopping and carried out hundreds of significant upgrades to ensure that the platform can run in a stable way, even under extreme market conditions.

2. “Customer first” has always been the core value of OKEx, which also acts as the cornerstone of our internationalization. OKEx’s internationalization has three points: (1) customers first; (2) to meet global differentiated needs and provide localized services; (3) OKEx is not building an exchange but a globally free, equal and healthy encryption ecosystem. 

3. The biggest competitor is oneself. Continuous and healthy competition will bring new vitality into the market. While offering a hand in making progress for the industry, it also allows users to have a better reference basis when choosing a trading platform. OKEx will learn good service offerings from excellent competitors because the team believes that the beneficiaries under healthy competition should always be users.

4. Technical security is still one of the biggest challenges that trading platforms face. In the future, OKEx is going to continue to increase investment in and improve the platform’s ability to resist risks, as well as deal with transaction peaks and protect user assets.

5. Everybody knows that OKB has been adopted as the OKEx platform token. It serves as a “bridge,” connecting OKEx and global users. OKB’s ecosystem construction, with global users as the core, implements the global strategy around the additional rights for users built on the OKEx trading platform, application scenarios formed with the support of external partners, OKB deflation period, OKB transaction channel expansion, etc. The ecosystem of OKB always creates value for OKEx users.

6. Concerning public blockchains, OKChain will concentrate on the solutions of the large-scale landing of applications which our team believes is the main hindrance for the public chain’s current development.

7. As the world’s leading digital asset trading platform, OKEx has actively communicated with compliance departments around the world. Within the platform, KYC, anti-money laundering and fair trade systems have been established with the same strict standards as traditional financial institutions. Therefore, for any country and region in the world that has reached a consensus with the crypto world, OKEx is ready to embrace local regulation at any time.

8. Digital assets can’t survive independently without the support of blockchain technology or its project ecosystem. In the entire crypto industry, digital assets play only as tools for value exchange. So, if you want to understand or hold a digital asset, you should understand the logic of value support behind it.

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