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Hundrx aims to upgrade Twitter to Web3 by releasing a beta for its newest product on March 27.

The new Meta: Web3 Chrome extension

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey recently launched a new social media platform called Bluesky to compete with Twitter and other alternatives, such as Mastodon and Truth Social. However, launching a new app often creates a challenge for users, as the migration process can be more complicated than founders anticipate. Users should be aware that they may need to abandon all the hard work put into growing their brand on Twitter and start from scratch. Hundrx assumes the headache and proposes a solution that doesn’t require migration to another environment.

The beauty of Hundrx lies in its simplicity. The Chrome extension seamlessly integrates into Twitter, making the transition to the Web3 world effortless for users. With just a few clicks, Hundrx turns every Twitter profile into a valuable, tradable asset using social tokens.

"As the founder of this groundbreaking project, I have seen how the right combination of game mechanics and social network integration can create explosive growth. By harnessing the power of Web3, we are poised to make it the next exploding trend over Twitter and beyond."

- Ivars Indriks, CEO & Founder of Hundrx.

New asset class to solve the bot problem

Uncovering the power of voice for social media accounts has been a challenge for industry giants, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for over a decade. After Elon Musk acquired Twitter, his top priority became reducing the impact of bots on engagement. He aims to address the issue by introducing Twitter’s subscription service, Twitter Blue, and implementing the “View” feature to bring transparency to the public, previously only available to content creators. The problem is so complex that a real solution requires a significant shift in the concept of how social capital is perceived. Hundrx aims to solve this dilemma by bringing Twitter to Web3 with the implementation of social tokens.

The profile conversion process is permissionless, meaning no approval from the profile owner is required. It operates similarly to a Google search result crawler, providing followers with the ability to mint social tokens that represent an individual’s social capital.

With Hundrx, any Twitter account, whether a meme account or a celebrity, can be tokenized and instantly gain value and liquidity. Social tokens can be distributed to the followers, providing a new way to engage with the community.

What sets Hundrx apart from other celebrity mints is its bottom-up approach, where followers decide to issue social tokens rather than the account owner or celebrity. This approach creates user growth and viral scalability and empowers followers to take an active role in defining an individual’s social capital.

AI-powered tweeting

Chat-GPT integration for personalized tweets is a game-changer for Hundrx users. The feature uses GPT artificial intelligence technology to generate personalized tweets that match the user’s Twitter voice and style. This makes it easy for users to create engaging content and boost their online presence. With Hundrx, Twitter is no longer just a social media platform but a thriving Web3 ecosystem that empowers users to monetize their social capital.

Hundrx is launching on Product Hunt

Hundrx is scheduled to launch on Product Hunt on March 27. Early adopters and Web3 enthusiasts can learn more about the platform and become some of the first to try it out. The launch aims to foster relations with the community, gathering feedback and ideas to implement in their next product iterations. This will help Twitter become the “everything app.”

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