Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges, is announcing a special Primebox promotion to celebrate Easter Day. This year’s Easter Primebox promotion, held from April 17-24, is offering a 1-million Tether (USDT) prize pool in addition to a myriad of fun activities for users to participate in.

This year’s Primebox Easter giveaway promises easy-to-follow participation rules and generous prizes for all. During the event, users can collect special nonfungible token (NFT) cards, generate blind boxes containing random prizes, win Easter eggs and other rewards, and share in the 1-million UDST prize pool.

Users need to collect five different NFT cards — Bunny, Gift Box, Beanie, Shades and Hoodie — in order to generate a Bunny Box, which could contain Primebox Easter Eggs, Easter-limited NFTs and other rewards. Minted on Heco Chain and tradeable on Huobi NFT Marketplace, Easter-exclusive NFTs are limited in quantity and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition, holders of Easter-exclusive NFTs stand a chance to enjoy enhanced benefits in future Primebox events.

At noon UTC every day during the event period, all participating users will share the prize pool based on the number of new Primebox Easter Eggs earned that day. The prize pool will be shared a total of seven times during the event.

There are two ways for users to win draw tickets, and each draw ticket is eligible for one Primebox card redemption. One requires users to trade spots and futures to win draw tickets for cards, while the other is completing tasks on the website — Rewards Hub, Invite Friends, Back to Contracts and CandyDrop — to win draw tickets for Primebox cards. 

In addition, users can speed up their Primebox card-collection progress by trading cards with friends to complete their collections more quickly. Furthermore, Primebox Bunnies will randomly appear on the event pages. A user that collects 10 Primebox Bunnies will be rewarded with one draw ticket. There is no cap to the number of Primebox Bunnies that can be won and opened. The more boxes opened, the higher the chances of winning rare NFTs. 

Users who have no decentralized identities can claim theirs by clicking on the avatar images on the event page to obtain one, which can be used in the Huobi ecosystem. Users who receive an NFT that is classified as Rare will receive 10 Primebox draw tickets. 

For more information about the Primebox Easter event, please visit here

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