Huobi NFT, the official nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace of Huobi Global, announced that it has partnered with blockchain game-distribution platform NexType to launch an exclusive, never-before-seen NFT collection featuring renowned Japanese actress and singer Kana Hanazawa. 

Best known for her outstanding voiceover performances in popular Japanese anime, including Nadeko Sengoku in Monogatari and other famous characters, Hanazawa is an icon in the Japanese anime industry. 

Named “My MetaGirl!,” this world-first series features NFTs modeled after photos from Hanazawa’s personal collection, including scenes showcasing key highlights in her illustrious career. The series will allow fans to own an exclusive form of their idol’s merchandise while providing gaming benefits on NexType’s platform. 

The launch of “My MetaGirl!” will see a total of 6,800 NFT Mystery Boxes being released, priced at 99 Tether (USDT) per box. Each Mystery Box will contain one NFT, which can be classified into one of four rarity categories: Normal (N), Rare (R), SuperRare (SR) and SuperSuperRare (SSR). Only 10 SSR NFTs will be released globally to lucky purchasers of the NFT Mystery Boxes. 

All NFTs in the series not only have collectible value but can also be used in the NextType ecosystem to earn profits: the higher the rarity of an NFT the user owns, the higher the NexType (NT) token-mining output increase: 

  • SSR rank: Increased NT output in all Master Mining pools by 100%, two hours daily
  • SR rank: Increased NT output in all Rookie Mining pools by 100%, two hours daily
  • R rank: Increased NT output in all Rookie Mining pools by 100%, one hour daily
  • N: Increased gold coin output by 10%.

Interactive opportunities with Hanazawa 

The entire Hanazawa NFT collection consists of 18 NFT designs, of which two fall into the SSR category. The first is exclusive customization of “My MetaGirl!” with special, unique greetings penned by Hanazawa herself. The second is a commemorative birthday edition that contains a unique animation display.

Users who hold an SSR NFT within two weeks of launch will receive a Hanazawa figurine and concert ticket, subject to each user being a holder of an SSR NFT, based on a wallet address snapshot to be taken on April 4, 2022, at 10:00 am UTC. 

Users who have collected the entire set of 18 NFTs — i.e., at least one NFT of each design — issued for sale on Huobi NFT will be awarded an opportunity of a 10-minute video chat with Hanazawa and receive five NexType game NFTs, subject to each user being the holder of the entire set of 18 NFTs, based on a wallet address snapshot to be taken on April 22, 2022, at 10:00 am UTC. 

In addition, users who purchase five or more Mystery Boxes during the event will get the opportunity to share in a $20,000 NT prize pool and the chance to win an autographed photograph of the actress. 

The NFT wave, which hit consumers in early 2021, shows no sign of abating, especially with the up-and-coming metaverse and its focus on decentralized finance, GameFi and virtual reality technology. The practice of releasing NFTs via a limited number of mystery boxes has proven hugely popular with fans, and buying booms often accompany the launch of an exquisite NFT collection. 

“NFTs will play a significant role in the upcoming metaverse, with a focus promoting both creativity and authenticity,” said the Huobi NFT team. “We introduced on-chain credentials to represent users’ Web3 identities and granted users access to the Huobi NFT Metaverse in December last year. The launch of this exclusive Hanazawa Kana collection further emphasizes our commitment to both fans and the development of the Web3 space.”

The Hanazawa NFT Mystery Box sale will begin on March 22, 2022, at 8:00 am UTC. Users can access Huobi NFT by visiting

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