London, Dec. 1, 2021 — Huobi Wallet, the professional, multi-chain light wallet of the Huobi ecosystem, is announcing the launch of H-Earn. H-Earn is a new crypto asset management tool that provides users with greater digital-asset investment options and ensures digital wealth management remains safe and secure.

High yield is one of H-Earn’s prominent features. H-Earn’s assets are kept in a special smart contract. It will dynamically monitor the projects on mainstream public chains in real-time and select high annual percentage yield and safe and prudent projects for investment and mining. All mined tokens will be exchanged into mainstream cryptocurrencies before expiration and return the principal and interest to users.

Based on Huobi Global’s leading security technology, H-Earn will conduct thorough investigations into popular projects, looking at team strength, community popularity and the number of active addresses, to ensure the safety of digital assets. A variety of professional hedging and risk-control systems will also ensure asset safety so that users can enjoy high returns without worrying about security.

To meet users’ needs and for the above security purposes, H-Earn listed Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Tether (USDT) in the first phase. In a later stage, it will support more assets and continue to upgrade in accordance with changes in user and market demands.

“The iteration of blockchain technology promotes the development of the entire industry. New concepts such NFT (nonfungible tokens), GameFi and metaverse have huge impacts on the market,” said Liser Lee, head of Huobi Wallet. “Whether you are a senior investor or a new player, you will always find a suitable investment target in H-Earn to maintain and increase the value of your assets.”

A special event is now open for users to experience H-Earn. This involves depositing digital assets into H-Earn and redeeming the principal after seven days. Users then enjoy a seven-day 100% annualized rate of return.

The basic investment limit per user is $1,000 in this launch event, and users can increase the investment limit and ranking by inviting friends during the sign-up period. The maximum investment amount will also increase by $400 for every successful referral and is capped at $9,000. (The investment amount will be shared by three available tokens: USDT, ETH, and BTC.) In addition, the top 1,000 users will have the opportunity to share an extra reward of 5,000 USDT.

You can find more information on Huobi Wallet’s H-Earn here.

About Huobi Wallet

Established under the umbrella of world-leading blockchain company Huobi Group, Huobi Wallet is a professional, multichain light wallet designed by security experts. As an individual entity of the Huobi ecosystem, Huobi Wallet aims to provide a secure, simple-to-use, professional digital wallet that supports almost all mainstream public chains and their many tokens. By integrating a variety of decentralized application interfaces, Huobi Wallet helps users easily manage multichain assets, track their real-time decentralized finance mining income, and claim rewards with just one click.