Venhuizen, Netherlands, June 6, 2022 — Web3 and cryptocurrency incubators NFT Tech and International Blockchain Consulting (IBC) Group have partnered with the open-source fashion design platform Faith Tribe to launch Fashion DAO — a fashion-focused launchpad for fashion brands and creators looking to make a breakthrough in the Web3 arena.

The launchpad lets fashion-focused companies tokenize and enter the nonfungible token (NFT) space to participate in a growing Web3 ecosystem and connect with larger audiences and marketplaces.

About Fashion DAO

The launchpad focuses on the untapped fashion market, providing end-to-end solutions for fashion brands and fashion technology companies. Multiple services can assist projects in scaling their NFT operations: white paper creation, tokenomics, platform design, legal and investor relations, underwriting, the onboarding of early-stage venture capital (VC) firms and the rollout of trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges. 

The launchpad also provides services such as community building, ongoing marketing activity and trading support. IBC Group and NFT Tech can offer these services as long-time solution-makers in the space.

Built by industry experts with decades of experience, IBC Group and NFT Tech are leading operations at the forefront of the launchpad, while Faith Tribe is advising on projects the launchpad onboards. The Faith Tribe (FTRB) token is the launchpad’s native token to stake for community participation in upcoming initial DEX offerings.

Mario Nawfal, co-founder and CEO of NFT Tech, applauds Faith Tribe for its success in bridging the Web2 fashion space to Web3.

“Faith has demonstrated the value for any company to launch a token, but [done] right, with a focus on creating value and utility for users while maintaining company vision and values.”

Since Faith Tribe’s launch of FTRB on Feb. 24 and the hiring of its new chief strategist, Andrea Abrams, Faith Tribe co-owner Maria Buccellati said the project’s team has been “Very pleasantly surprised to have been approached by marquee fashion brands and fashion technology companies whom we have known and-or with whom we have worked for years, requesting our guidance on tokenization and Web3 strategies.” 

Co-owner Wahid Chammas said the launch was “Watched by many of our close contacts in the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ fashion industry, all of whom were watching us this past year in our endeavor to pivot from a traditional decades-old business model into a Web3 model. That they would like to work with us now is a true honor.”

Faith Tribe represents IBC Group and NFT Tech’s first incubation partner in the fashion space. The Fashion DAO launchpad lets the fashion community at large benefit from this collaboration and endeavor. 

“Faith Tribe (FTRB) will be the native token used [for] this launchpad, in keeping with our philosophy for pioneering an open-source platform for independent designers and artists. Through this move, we will evolve to become an open-source platform, also for existing fashion companies pivoting to Web3,” Chammas said.

About NFT Tech and IBCGroup 

As the main incubation partners of Faith Tribe and the driving force behind Fashion DAO, IBC Group and NFT Tech have a long-standing tradition of excellence in the Web3 space. 

IBC Group is an industry-leading incubator and accelerator in the blockchain space, holding close ties with VC firms, exchanges, launchpads and influencers. 

NFT Tech, a public company listed on the NEO exchange under the ticker “NFT,” is a leading investor, incubator and IP-acquisition vehicle providing access for retail investors and fund managers to the NFT and metaverse space.

Together, they have decades of experience in building, investing and accelerating top-tier blockchain, NFT and metaverse projects in the Web3 space. With Faith Tribe’s Web3 and fashion-industry experience, the launchpad has a promising future with every ingredient needed to launch many innovative fashion blockchain projects.

About Faith Tribe

Faith Tribe is a collaborative fashion platform and ecosystem devoted to open-sourcing fashion talent and unlocking new opportunities for creators, artists and fashion businesses everywhere, with its dual-chain token FTRB launched on the Ethereum — ERC-20 protocol — and Polygon blockchains. 

Created by the owners of famous fashion brand Faith Connexion, Faith Tribe lets creators design and customize digital and physical fashion assets, mint them into NFTs, and create and submit original designs for access to Faith Connexion’s extensive design, manufacturing, marketing and commerce ecosystem. 

Faith Tribe’s mission is to develop a global creator ecosystem and inclusive, open environment for the successful creation, trading, distribution and monetization of user-generated fashion item designs.

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