Adam Levy returns to the frontier of the Web3 creator economy with the fifth season of Mint, a leading audio and video series exploring how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using Web3 primitives such as social tokens, NFTs and DAOs, to name a few. The first episode is available for RSVP now on the site.

This season of the Mint podcast brings over 20 exclusive conversations with the creators, collectors and founders defining the Web3 creator economy. The next two months will explore the future of music, social networks and the creative commons license, capturing key insights from the sector’s respective movers and shakers. 

The season is available across all video and audio streaming platforms, answering the most frequent questions creators and communities have when building alongside Web3 primitives. 

“Season 5 will feature interviews with some of the most creative and forward-thinking names in the Web3 creator economy,” said Mint founder and host Adam Levy. “Each episode features tips, tricks and invaluable insights straight from the catalysts defining this decentralized revolution.”

From modern fan clubs in which hundreds crowdfund an artist into financial liberation to multi-million-dollar communities surfacing overnight, this season welcomes the best stories emerging from Web3.

Season 5 guests

  • Ice Cube — American rapper, actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur who is more recently known for founding a 3-on-3 basketball league that is using NFTs to give fans voting rights and ownership perks in their favorite teams.
  • G Money — A highly respected pseudonymous influential investor and collector known for his early conviction in Cryptopunks among many other bluechip collections.
  • Krista Kim — A Korean-Canadian contemporary artist whose works frequently use light, digital technology and sound.
  • Jimmy McNelis — CEO of Nameless, which empowers brands and enterprises to launch and fully manage their own custom NFT projects.
  • Michael “Justmaiko” Le — Founder of Shluv Pals and a social media personality with over 51 million fans worldwide.
  • David Greenstein — Co-founder and CEO of who is redefining how music should be valued and experienced.
  • Oshi — Music producer and legendary independent artist who paved the way for much of today’s Web3 music movement.
  • illaDaProducer — Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer and founder of WhoWhos TreeHouse, a music NFT community aimed at supporting up-and-coming artists.
  • Mike Dudas — Co-founder of The Block and LinksDAO, and venture investor at 6th Man Ventures. 
  • Emma Jane — Founder of DIGITALAX, the Web3 fashion protocol.
  • Joey DeBruin — CEO and co-founder of Backdrop, which connects tokenized communities in Web3.
  • Brett Goldstein and Michael Houck — Co-founders of Launch House, a private, community-focused organization that connects and supports top entrepreneurs.
  • Jack Johnson — Widely known as JVCKJ as one half of the multi-platinum pop duo Jack and Jack. He is a creative force who has earned a billion-plus streams, multi-platinum records and countless sold-out tours.
  • Michael “x0r” Blau — NFT artist, shadowy super-coder and part of the crypto team at Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Patrick Rivera — Co-founder of, a publishing platform for writers that leverages cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Will Collier — Co-founder of, who enables musicians to monetize their work directly through their fans, aligning artist and fan incentives to reinvent funding, IP protection and discovery
  • Sidney Swift — An American entrepreneur, and producer and founder of Chill Rx, a music NFT collective. He also co-founded intellectual property and creative development studio DeFi Entertainment.
  • Andre Benz — Co-founder of Trap Nation, an American music promoter that is primarily known for releasing electronic music on its YouTube channel. His latest venture, titled, allows anyone to own a unique audiovisual piece via an NFT. 
  • IBN Iglor — Independent music artist and Web3 creator.
  • Ryan Li and Wilson Wei — Co-founders of CyberConnect, a universal social graph that connects everyone on Web3 in contextually meaningful ways.
  • Dot — Producer, artist, DJ and Web3 creator.

Season five’s sponsors include CyberConnect, Coinvise and Mint Songs, which are supporting Mint by collecting the show’s non-transferable NFTs that grant promotional benefits throughout the season.

Registration is open now for receiving all 20 episodes of Mint’s fifth season for free. 

About Mint

Reaching over 20,000 listeners per month and hosted by Adam Levy, Mint is a leading audio and video series exploring how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow using Web3 primitives like social tokens, NFTs and DAOs. Each month, a new season rolls out with numerous untold journeys from notable creators, Web3 founders and thought leaders who are tinkering with social money to make their creator economy a reality.