South Bend, Indiana, April 8, 2022Kemper Snowboards, the legendary brand that helped launch the snowboarding market in the eighties, is ready to launch an action sports-category nonfungible token (NFT) offering. It is one of the most representative brands of the neon era of snowboarding — the NFT release will be a homage to the eighties and nineties, with the retro snowboards of the eras. 

The launch of the NFT collection is supported by Simba Market — with “Simba” short for “Simple Blockchain Applications” — and built by Simba Chain. The blockchain technology platform will host Kemper’s digital room for its customers and provide support, sales advice, hosting and more. 

Jib Hunt, CEO of Kemper, who revived the brand after a hiatus of more than two decades, plans to add Kemper Snowboards as the first customer in Gravity Sports Group’s “Riders Collectiv” NFT collection. Hunt believes that the new technology of NFTs — when integrated with Kemper’s radical and eye-catching brand styling — will create a unique synergy.

Hunt said, “It’s time to marry the digital and physical universes among collectibles and products. The value of owning a digital NFT that is tied to a physical product — snowboards, in our case — is the next evolution of NFTs. It’s been my mission for Kemper Snowboards to be the first to do it in the action sports world, and it has become a reality thanks to Simba Market and Riders Collectiv.”

Riders Collectiv is a unique, first-of-its-kind space that will house all types of action sports NFTs for fans and followers. The project is collaborating with relevant partners and professionals in the field, offering the company’s brands the opportunity to host their exclusive NFTs as a single fast-paced, action-focused digital experience. 

Items added to Riders Collectiv will be available in Simba Market’s action sports category. Kemper, known for its snowboard graphics and extensive range of bright outerwear, is the first brand to release its NFTs this June and an important addition to the growing list of brands.

Simba Market strives to become a strategic partner of Riders Collectiv and help it grow its market in action sports. 

Brian Ritchie, CEO of Simba Chain, said, “Simba Market, with its unique business-to-business-to-consumer offering of digital collectibles, is designed for fast mainstream adoption by making the experience enjoyable, relevant and, most of all, simple.” 

Recognizing the challenges of existing NFT marketplaces and the lack of accessibility for non-crypto users, Simba Chain is creating a forum for those who are interested in digital collectibles but are not necessarily crypto experts. Simba Market will offer fiat-payment processes, a simple and intuitive user experience, extensive security features and access to leading brands such as Kemper Snowboards to attract both crypto and non-crypto users. This is based on Simba Chain’s ethos and vision to make blockchain accessible to all and mainstream adoption attainable. 

Simba Market’s NFT marketplace, launching this June, will act as a customer portal, connecting businesses with potential customers worldwide in sports, music, gaming, video production and more. 

About Simba Chain

Simba Chain has simplified blockchain app development by removing complexities involved and making the technology accessible by all, regardless of their blockchain know-how. The NFT marketplace, Simba Market, is designed for non-crypto and crypto enthusiasts alike, with a simple user experience, fiat purchasing and iconic brands for sports, entertainment and gaming. The platform auto-generates APIs that support both public and private blockchains and is designed for any developer to adopt through drag and drop smart-contract building easily. 

Incubated at the University of Notre Dame, Simba Chain allows customers to deploy blockchain applications without spending huge sums of time and resources on hiring consultants or tech experts. Using Simba Chain’s cloud-based platform, any developer, company, university or other entity can easily build Web3 solutions.

About Kemper Snowboards

Kemper Snowboards was one of the most iconic snowboard brands at the height of the snowboarding craze in the eighties and nineties. Founded by David Kemper in 1987, Kemper Snowboards is renowned for its neon-themed snowboards and funky outerwear. Later, in 1989, Kemper Snowboards was acquired by a California-based company, but the iconic snowboarding brand went out of business a couple of years down the line in the mid-1990s. 

In 2018, it was relaunched by a professional snowboarder, Jib Hunt. Today, Kemper Snowboards is based out of Heber City, Utah.


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